Daphne Oz Shares The 1 Thing You ‘Must’ Do To Be The ‘Hostess With The Mostess’ This Holiday Season

Daphne Oz is serving up her tips & tricks to be the best host in the game this holiday season, with the help of Harry & David Gourmet!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Harry & David

‘Tis the season to be hosting! The ultimate host and sensational chef Daphne Oz is filled with ideas and tips to make sure you’re the hostess with the mostess this holiday season. Especially after the pandemic has kept us all apart for over a year, the holidays this season are sure to be festive and joyous as family and friends gather from near and far — and you want to be sure you have it all under control! “To me, a hostess with the mostess is the one having the most FUN. There is nothing less festive than a frazzled host, and I have learned the hard way that doing the most does not always guarantee you the best outcome,” Daphne dished in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com. “This is good news for busy people everywhere, because it turns out focusing on the things that you really have fun with, giving personalized little upgrades to store-bought items, and being thoughtful in a few choice ways to make sure your guests feel welcome is all you really need to nail a glorious holiday celebration.”

The New York Times best-selling author also noted to make sure you have “enough ice, plenty of booze, nibbles, good music, and a few well-placed candles to bring gorgeous, flattering lighting and an intoxicating atmosphere. But all this is easy enough with a tiny bit of pre-planning!” Daphne admitted that she plans the menu for her gatherings “about a week in advance” and “imagines the flow of how the event will go.”

Daphne Oz (Courtesy of Harry & David)

“Once I know what I’m serving, the night before I’ll prep anything that can be prepped ahead (marinades, veggie prep, etc.) and pick serving dishes for everything and label them with notes so I know my game plan,” she explained. “I’ll also write myself an hour-by-hour schedule for the day of so I don’t leave it to chance whether I’ll forget to put the chicken in to roast in time. There’s no shame in over-planning!” One of her big ‘no-no’s for holiday hosting is “waiting to plan your playlist until everyone arrives.” “Music sets the mood, and you don’t want to be frantically trying to choose the next song in the moment. Make a playlist or two (or have your talented friend/kid/sibling/partner make them!) and have it ready to go so all you have to do is press play and relax,” Daphne advised.

The mother of four gushed over her must-have hosting secret, which is none other than dipping into Harry & David’s Gourmet selection! “I love using some ready-made items alongside truly homemade recipes. The Harry & David Gourmet assortment is filled with sumptuous, quality appetizers, sides, mains, and desserts so you can keep the set up as effortless as you like!” Daphne revealed. “It makes it simple to serve a selection of elegant, elevated basics and ships right to my house so I never run out of the essentials! I love their baskets filled with artisanal meats, cheeses and salty nibbles as the perfect hostess gift! And a beautiful bowl of sweet, juicy Harry & David Royal Riviera Pears and a few bars of rich, dark chocolate broken up into bites is a blissfully easy, sweet ending for everyone to linger over and continue enjoying one another, which is the very best part of the holidays.”

Daphne Oz (Courtesy of Harry & David)

Not to mention, anything on Harry & David Gourmet makes a fabulous holiday gift, if you’re a guest! Daphne shared her favorite Harry & David Gourmet items here, for to enjoy all holiday season!

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