Meghan McCain Spills ‘Pretty Good Tea’ From Her 1 ‘Weird’ Conversation With Donald & Melania Trump

The 'Bad Republican' author revealed exactly what went down when she met with the former president and first lady, where things got 'uncomfortable.'

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Talk about awkward! Meghan McCain36, dished all the details of her lone conversation with former President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump in a new interview with Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday October 20. Meghan laid out all the details of a phone call she got, after the then-president allegedly made fun of her father, late Senator John McCain and his famous thumbs down response to repealing the affordable care act. The former View co-host joked that fans would “get your money’s worth” out of her upcoming memoir Bad Republican, as she spills some “pretty good tea.”

Meghan revealed that she got the call from Trump, after tweeting out a news report that the then president had been “physically mocking” her father, as he was battling cancer. “He called, because there was a report in Axios by Mike Allen that he had been making fun of my dad’s injuries, because my dad—if you ever saw videos—he walked kind of funny, because he was tortured, and he did a thumbs down,” she told Andy Cohen. “It had been reported that he was making fun of him, and I tweeted, ‘What more must my family be put through right now.'”

Meghan opened up about the only time she ever spoke to Donald and Melania Trump in her new memoir. (Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Unsurprisingly, the senator’s daughter wasn’t looking to speak to Trump after, reading the article, but she unexpectedly got a call. After her dad told her to take the call, Meghan had a bizarre conversation with the then-president. “I got a phone call that was like a voice message that was like, ‘The White House: President Trump would like to speak to you,’ and I was like, ‘Haha.’ I was like, ‘No,'” she said. “It was a very weird conversation. He said, ‘It’s all fake news. It’s a lie. I never did that.'”

In the midst of Trump denying that he’d disparaged Meghan’s dad, he put his wife Melania on the phone. “She said, ‘We love you. We love you.’ I was like, ‘No you don’t.’ I don’t know what this is,” she said. Overall, Meghan seemed perplexed by the conversation, and she felt that her home state, where her father served, going blue was pretty good revenge. “It was like very uncomfortable, because it was the only time I ever had an interaction with them, and it was the closest they’ve ever come, I’ve felt like, to realizing what they were doing and the damage it caused, and you know, he lost Arizona. So all is well now,” she said.

Meghan claimed that the two called after Trump had reportedly been making fun of Sen. John McCain. (Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP/Shutterstock)

During the segment, Meghan spilled the details on some of her other interactions with other political figures: both positive and negative. She mentioned that former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton had given her a supportive look, while she gave the eulogy at her father’s funeral. Since then, she said that the two have gone to dinner together, and her opinion has changed. “I feel like once you’re a woman in media, and you feel the egregious sexism, I feel like I related to her in a different way,” she said.

While Clinton was a welcome presence at her dad’s funeral, she did show her disgust at Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner showing up. “They should never have come,” she said. “They had no godd**n business being there. It’s something that still angers me clearly.”