Billie Eilish Playfully Calls Out Jimmy Kimmel For Making Her Look ‘A Little Stupid’ — Watch

Billie Eilish is setting the record straight about her knowledge of 1980s trivia after returning to Jimmy Kimmel Live two years after an 'embarrassing' appearance.

Now wait just a minute, Jimmy KimmelBillie Eilish knows exactly who the Cabbage Patch Kids are. The No Time to Die singer returned to the Jimmy Kimmel Live couch on Wednesday, October 13 to promote the newest James Bond movie and she had a few things to get off her chest. Namely, she knows way more about Van Halen than he thinks.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish playfully sets the record straight with Jimmy Kimmel after making her look “stupid” during her 2019 appearance. (Shutterstock)

The 19-year old Grammy-winner playfully cleared the air about her last appearance on the talk show in November 2019, in which she said during her latest appearance, made her look “stupid.” Back then, Jimmy quizzed Billie about her knowledge of ’80s music, and when he asked if she knew who Van Halen is, she replied, “Who?” — seemingly unaware of the legendary rock band, which formed in 1972. However, Billie wasn’t even close to existence during the band’s heyday, as the former green-haired crooner was born in 2001 — 28 years after their formation.

“I thought it was funny because I was playing along, and everybody thought I was actually serious and didn’t know anything. I did know [them],” the singing sensation confessed. “Yes, there was a lot things you asked, and I was like, ‘I don’t know.’ It was funny. I really didn’t care.” Now that we know the truth, Billie – you down for some Thursday night trivia?!

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish says she pretended not to know 80s trivia during her 2019 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. (Shutterstock)

Later on in the episode, Billie had a few more scores to settle with Jimmy. She playfully punched the 53-year old host in the stomach, fulfilling a (nearly) lifelong dream from her bucket list. The newfound shoe designer also became an impromptu hairdresser as she cut a member of the audience’s hair on stage. Apparently giving Jimmy a hard time on his show and a little love tap to the gut was all Billie needed to clear the air!


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