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Sarah Jeffery Dishes On New Single ‘Suffer’ & What It Was Like Working With Rock Mafia For 2nd Track

Artist Sarah Jeffery has a hot new single out and she EXCLUSIVELY told HL what it was like working Rock Mafia for a second time around!

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Actress and musician Sarah Jeffery, 25, has a catchy new song titled Suffer about a break-up on her second track with Rock Mafia. “They’ve been so amazing,” Sarah told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live on Sept. 30 of reuniting with the producer and song writing trio. “Not just as producers and musicians but as people, so it’s been a really amazing collaborative experience and I’m excited to see what else we can cook up.”

Best known for playing Princess Audrey in Disney’s Descendant’s movie series, Sarah’s putting her focus on music after the song’s Oct. 1 release. “I’m so excited,” Sarah said of the song finally being released. “I feel like it’s been a long time coming and everything’s been kind of stunted with the pandemic. I’ve been ready for awhile and now it’s finally here and I’m very excited to hear it with the world.”

While she’s staying mum on who exactly this is about, it’s relatable to just about any person out there who’s ever been in a relationship that didn’t work out. “I guess it’s less about someone specific and more just — I had a really hard breakup about 4 years ago and one that kind of just shook me to my core,” Sarah revealed. “I think a lot of people have gone through something like that whether it’s a friendship or a boyfriend or a girlfriend and yeah, that breakup really stuck with me. It forced me to get to know myself better and remind myself that I only have me at the end of the day and for me the song is about that’s their loss and your gain and yeah, just finding the silver lining. The silver lining that yeah, I get to date myself now.”

It’s a mystery if this ex knows this song is in fact about him, but Sarah is getting the last laugh when it comes down to it. “That’s a good question!” Sarah said. “Probably not, although I do know that when I booked the series Charmed, there was a billboard right outside of where he lived so that was good. Maybe he does, who knows.”

Speaking of her hit show, Sarah is looking forward to reprising her role as Maggie Vera any day now as filming is set to begin on season 4. “There’s a lot of change this season and I’ve only read the first couple scripts and so far they’re really fun,” Sarah teased. “I think fans can look forward to just a lot of different stuff. I’ve heard a few sneak peaks of what’s to come and it’s so fun. It’s just a magical world, so the options are limitless and I also think that they can expect the changes to be handled in a very delicate and respectful way.”