Tyra Banks Claps Back At Criticism Of Her Wild ‘DWTS’ Dress: Different Is ‘Better’ — Watch

The 'Dancing With The Stars' host had a perfect response to people who thought that her dress was a little too similar to a certain 'Jurassic Park' dinosaur!

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Tyra Banks is absolutely fierce! The 47-year-old host laughed off people who thought her winged dress made her look like she just came from the set of Jurassic Park during Monday September 27’s episode of Dancing With The Stars. The reality competition host joked about the comparisons to the famed dilophosaurus in a Thursday September 30 appearance on The Late Late Show.

James Corden brought a side-by-side comparison of Tyra to the dinosaur, and she seemed pretty amused by the fan reactions to it! She had her own plays on the title of the movie that she shared to play into it! “I kept saying peacock after, and my stylist kept on kinda giggling and stuff. So then, we started seeing all this Jurassic Park stuff. So then I posted on my social: tyrannosaurus rex. Tyra, right? Actually it was ‘Tyrassic Park,” she said.

Tyra, 47, went viral for her gorgeous, winged dress, due to it’s dinosaur-like resemblance. (ABC/Eric McCandless)

The America’s Next Top Model creator revealed that her team told her that they could’ve predicted the comparisons. “My stylist was like, ‘Yeah, we did know that you looked like a lizard before the social started,'” she quipped. Tyra also showed that she doesn’t care by posing a short question to the late night host. “I don’t really care, child. Different is what?” James replied, “Better!”

Tyra then raved about how she’s happy to be different and stand out with such a gorgeous and eye-catching dress. “I ain’t got time to be like pretty and in a normal dress, because nobody’s going to say anything about a pretty dress. You got to push and go for it!” she said. Much to her point, Tyra mentioned that the audience was wow-ed by the dress once she winged up, in an interview with E!’s Daily Pop. “I go on the stage in front of the audience and everybody, and I put on the wing thing. And everybody was like, ‘Oh!’ because they thought the first thing was the normal dress,” she explained.