Nikki Bella Says Doctors Have ‘Retired’ Her ‘For Life’ From Wrestling 3 Years After Last Fight

Nikki Bella revealed that her health complications have put her on the 'retired bench for life' during a new interview with sister Brie.

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Nikki Bella won’t be back in the ring anytime soon. The former wrestler, 37, and her sister Brie appeared on the web series Sippin The Tea TV Show on September 30, chatting all things wrestling and sisterhood. During the interview, Nikki revealed that her doctors have put her on the “retired bench for life.” The revelation came when she said she would love to someday have her son Matteo, 1, join her ringside.

“I would love one day, like when Matteo’s maybe 3, and he knows it, to have my son be ringside while his mom kicks ass,” she said. “That would be amazing to me. But because he is my everything, I have to listen to the doctors and as of now, they’ve put me on the retired bench for life.” Nikki added that it would “take a lot scans, x-rays, and all this different stuff” for approval to return, “so that would be unlikely.”

“That will be years down the road,” Nikki said. The star of Total Bellas added that she was perfectly content with life despite the prognosis, adding that she has found her “happy place” with Bonita Bonita Wine, the wine brand she shares with sister Brie. “I love waking up in the sun comes behind the mountains and it shoots on the vineyards and I just stare at it every morning, because Mateo has me up at 5 a.m.”

“I know I’m where my soul is meant to be,” she continued. “The wine industry, winemaking, and anything with wine, I’m like happy It’s my happy place.” Nikki initially announced her retirement in June 2019, explaining that health complications had led to the decision. While on The Tonight Show with Brie, Nikki told host Jimmy Fallon that she had a cyst in her brain.

“I really wanted to go back and fight for the tag titles,” she said. “I’ve always had my neck issues and after neck surgery, it hasn’t been OK. I feel like I needed to get a checkup before we went back for the tag titles.” Nikki continued, “The results came back and I herniated the disc above where I had surgery, I have all this inflammation around the metal and then I have a cyst on my brain. They were like, ‘You’re done, no more,’ so I didn’t get a choice, which sucks.”