‘Bridesmaids’ Cast Reunites For 10th Anniversary To Encourage Friends To Vote: Watch

The 'Bridesmaids' gals are back -- for a PSA, that is. The lively ladies gathered over Zoom to celebrate 10 years of their hit comedy and share an important voting message. Watch the video below!

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Bridesmaids cast
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Image Credit: Suzanne Hanover/Universal Pictures/The Everett Collection

Friends don’t let friends skip elections! That’s the message the women from Bridesmaids are sending to the public as they reunited over Zoom on Sept. 23., encouraging citizens everywhere to register to vote and nudge their friends to get registered. In the video message, posted to the @iamavoter Instagram account, Rose ByrneEllie KemperMelissa McCarthyMaya RudolphKristen Wiig, and Annie Mumolo gathered on the 10th anniversary of their hit movie to share a few laughs and also get down to the business of voting.

Kristen kicked off the conversation by prompting the ladies to share their goals for the upcoming year and Melissa hilariously noted that she had limited time on the call due to her being in the process of getting her “jet license.” That semi-serious but hilarious tone continued throughout the video as Maya’s dogs began howling and barking in the background, causing the women to all crack up in laughter — talk about a reunion!

The ladies went on to flex their comedic chops as Kristen noted her major goal for this year: dry shampoo. Rose piggybacked off that sentiment, sharing that she would opt to quit washing her hair completely — and perhaps her body as well. “I’m just gonna roll the dice!” she hilariously quipped. Ellie joked that she would put her name on all kinds of catalogues and coupons to get “more mail” while Melissa teased that she was looking forward to sketching more “faces [and] landscapes.”

Bridesmaids cast
A still from the hit 2011 comedy ‘Bridesmaids’ (Suzanne Hanover/Universal Pictures/The Everett Collection)

The Zoom then took an unexpected yet exciting turn as Wilson Phillips joined the call — a heartwarming nod to their cameo at the end of Bridesmaids when they sang their hit song “Hold On” for the wedding. “Hey guys, I think something we should all do this year is register a friend to vote,” Wendy Wilson said during her appearance, furthering the voting message for “#RegisterAFriendDay” taking place on Sept. 23.

“I have a really quick question for you, Wilson Phillips,” Kristen asked, “Is this something we should do now? Or should we …” she trailed off, confusing the group to ponder about her question. Annie then chimed in to explain: “I think what she’s saying is, is this something we should do immediately or should we …” she trailed off, ultimately leading the women to pick up the bit about “holding on for one more day,” per Wilson Phillips’ hit track. “No no no — definitely do NOT,” Connie Wilson joked, as the group gave a little harmonious snippet of their much-celebrated song. Kristen finally topped off the video to share the earnest message: “Everyone remember to vote and not only remember to vote but remember to register a friend to vote!”

And in case you need help, we’ve got you covered right here!