‘BIP’: Brendan & Pieper Leave As A Couple After Getting Called Out For Dating Pre-Show

Before the third rose ceremony, one couple left Paradise together to start a relationship off the show. Brendan and Pieper made the decision after tension with the rest of the cast.

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Brendan Morais and Pieper James
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Brendan Morais and Pieper James were in the hot seat on the Sept. 14 episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Last week, Chris Conran and Alana Milne were called out for having a relationship before coming on the show, and then wasting other people’s time while they waited for each other to arrive on the beach. Brendan and Pieper had the same sort of pre-show situation, and it was their turn to face the wrath of some of the other castmates.

Of course, Natasha Parker was particularly upset about the situation, as she was spending time with Brendan before Pieper arrived. He had totally downplayed his pre-show relationship with Pieper, claiming they only hung out “two times” in “casual” settings before Paradise. When Pieper arrived, though, she confirmed that they saw each other ten times, including the day before Brendan left for the show.

pieper james brendanm orais
Pieper and Brendan during one of their dates on ‘BIP.’ (ABC)

“I think they wasted everyone’s time and they should go,” Demi Burnett declared. “Obviously they just came here to get more fame, followers and clout.” Demi, Natasha, Joe Amabile and a few others decided to approach Brendan and Pieper about the situation. Joe explained why everyone was upset, and Brendan attempted to explain himself.

“Pieper and I, we hung out two or three times where we’ve gone out to dinner, just us,” he said. “I’ve been in groups with her and friends from the show in New York when I first met her a handful of times. So it’s not like, ‘Pieper, do you want to be my girlfriend? Are we exclusive?’ That never happened in any way. I was hopeful she was coming. I liked Pieper before the show. Natasha and I had a certain connection that was void of any romance. I tried to get there and I never promised Natasha that we were going to be anything more than what we were.”

natasha parker brendna morais
Brendan Morais and Natasha Parker at a rose ceremony before Pieper arrived. (ABC)

Demi piled on the hard-hitting questions, asking Brendan why he came on the show if he had something so “amazing” with Pieper off-camera. “The last three days I spent way more time with Pieper than I have before or would have any opportunity to,” he tried to explain. Pieper also admitted to only coming on the show to see Brendan. “I didn’t know that there was a rulebook that you couldn’t come here with the intention of meeting somebody,” she ranted. “Like, meeting him and exploring this relationship. Yes, we met before, we covered that.”

No one seemed to be able to get through to Brendan and Pieper that the issue wasn’t that they wanted to be together — it was that he used Natasha as a pawn while waiting for Pieper to get there. “I’ve literally said everything I need to say,” Brendan concluded. “I appreciate everyone’s concern. I’ve said everything I need to say on the matter. Outside of that, we have nothing else to talk about.”

Afterward, Brendan and Pieper had a one-on-one conversation, where they decided they would leave the beach as a couple. “I told you I didn’t want to come,” Pieper insisted. “I told you!” Brendan told Pieper that if she wanted to leave with him, he would. “What I would come here for is to find what I think I have with you,” he told her, and she agreed.

Brendan Morais and Pieper James
Brendan Morais and Pieper James on ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ (ABC)

Brendan addressed the group to explain the decision. “This environment isn’t where we want to be in this particular moment,” he revealed. “I think you all know and are well aware that this is the girl I want to be with. I feel comfortable in saying that. So I appreciate all you guys, but I want to leave with her. We’re going to do that on our own terms, so take care guys.”

It wasn’t the end of the road for Natasha, though! She got an automatic rose at the next rose ceremony to get another shot at love. Hopefully some new guys will roll in next week for her to connect with!