Lizzo Flirts Relentlessly With Niall Horan & Teases THAT ‘Rumors’ Lyric Was Originally About Him, Not Drake

Lizzo fawned over Niall Horan and revealed that her provocative lyric about Drake in her song 'Rumors' was originally written about the former One Direction bandmate himself!

Step aside Chris Evans and Harry Styles, because Lizzo has got the hots for another superstar: Niall Horan! The “Good As Hell” songstress, 33, is known to fawn over some of Hollywood’s hottest men from time to time, and she did just that when she spoke to Niall, 27, in a virtual appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, Aug. 24. Niall was guest-hosting the show, and he was absolutely loving the playful interaction with Lizzo, whom he referred to as “my beautiful woman.” Lizzo had no shame flirting hardcore with the former One Direction bandmate, and even went as far as telling Niall that he was “giving me a one erection, baby.”

Lizzo at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards in LA on March 14, 2021 (Photo: Shutterstock)

Aside from the adorable flirting, Lizzo also dropped a major bomb in her interview with Niall. The moment happened while the two were discussing Lizzo’s new song “Rumors,” which features Cardi B. and includes a line that says, “No, I ain’t f***ing Drake yet.” That lyric, according to Lizzo, was not originally written about Drake, 34 — it was written about Niall himself! “Okay, so the original line was, ‘No, I ain’t f— Niall yet,’ ” Lizzo revealed to the Irish superstar. “The label said it was a little bit provocative. So I changed it to Drake, a safer bet.”

That revelation excited Niall, to say the least, as he hilariously took a sip of his water with a big smile on his face while Lizzo was uncontrollably laughing. “Job done, take it off, move on,” Niall said in regards to the lyric switch-up. The “Slow Hands” singer then asked Lizzo if Drake is aware he’s mentioned in her new track, and she confirmed he most definitely is. “I think he’s heard the number four song in the country,” Lizzo proudly said. “Actually, I have heard from Drake, but that’s all I’m gonna say on that,” she added.

Niall Horan
Niall Horan at the 40th Brit Awards in London on Feb. 18, 2020 (Photo: Shutterstock)

Lizzo and Niall also took time during their hilarious chat to reminisce on the first time they met. As the stars explained, their first-ever interaction took place in London at a radio station, which Niall said he remembered “so fondly.” When Lizzo went inside the venue and officially met Niall, they shared a brief but super salacious exchange. “You were like, ‘Congratulations, Lizzo, you’re smashing it.’ And I was like, ‘I’ll smash you,’ ” Lizzo recalled as the two stars bursted out in laughter.

As fans know, Lizzo has very-publicly gushed over stars like Chris and Harry. But based on this new interview, it’s Niall that has truly stolen Lizzo’s heart – for now.

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