Olympic Gold Medalist Sydney McLaughlin Reveals How She Takes Care Of Her Mental Health & ‘Finds Relief’

World record holder & Olympic gold medaling track star Sydney McLaughlin spoke to HL about how she 'finds relief' & support, while also discussing her New Balance signature collection.

Sydney McLaughlin
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Image Credit: Courtesy of New Balance

The mental health of highly competitive athletes has been a major conversation in the last several weeks, especially after Simone Biles stepped away from the Olympic competition to take care of her emotional well-being. That same week, 22-year-old Sydney McLaughlin beat her own world record in the 400 m hurdles at the Tokyo Olympics, claiming the gold medal as her own, 5 years after coming in 16th at the Rio Games. The track & field superstar spoke to HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview, and admitted the discourse surrounding mental health for athletes is incredibly important, while also revealing how she finds support in religion.

Sydney McLaughlin poses in her New Balance x Sydney Signature Collection: a footwear and apparel collection that showcases her evolution from young track athlete, to a professional Team NB Athlete, 400m Hurdles World Record holder and reigning Olympic Gold Medalist. (Courtesy of New Balance)

“When you’re competing at such a high level, so much attention on you, there’s a lot mentally for one person to take on,” Sydney, who just revealed her New Balance signature collection, explained to HL. “I think personally, I’ve found a lot of relief and a lot of ability, through my faith. I give so much of my credit to that, because that’s where a lot of my identity is found and rooted in, whether I win or lose race. I know who I am to Christ, and I feel like for me, personally, that’s been the game changer for this past year.”

Sydney added that the last five years have taken “a lot of growth on and off the track.” “I think my decisions about training, coaching, life choices all came together and really helped me grow as a person in order to get to this point,” she said.

Sydney McLaughlin rocking the New Balance x Sydney Signature Collection. (Courtesy of New Balance)

The New Jersey native has made a statement on and off the track when it comes to her fashion choices, as well, reminiscent of the glamorous track stars that have come before her. A la Flo-Jo, Sydney has taken to the track with fierce long nails, bold faux lashes, and some bright sneaker choices, courtesy of New Balance. Now, the world record holder has revealed her signature collection with New Balance, and it is filled with functional yet fashionable athletic garb and streetwear.

“I feel like this collection is filled with inspiration from my personal style and things that I like to wear. And it’s been important for me kind of showcase who I am as a person and as an athlete,” Sydney said. “One of the main messages of the New Balance x Sydney Signature Collection is the ‘be the first you,’ and I think it does a very good job at showing who I am.”

Sydney McLaughlin in New Balance. (Courtesy of New Balance)

Personal mantras are incorporated throughout the collection that draw directly from Syd’s personality and she explained, “Many of the design elements reflect my growth as an athlete but more importantly as a human being, and I hope these looks inspire others to search inwards and show up as the best version of themselves.” The New Balance x Sydney Signature Collection is available now on Amazon and New Balance.

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