Arie & Lauren Luyendyk Reveal They’re Sleeping In Separate Rooms 2 Months After Welcoming Twins

'The Bachelor' alums have worked out a schedule to make parenting easier, as the couple navigate raising their newborn set of twins.

Arie, 39, and Lauren Luyendyk29, shared their sleep schedule with fans in a Monday August 9 Q&A video on YouTube, where they told fans about their experiences with their two-month-old twins Lux and Senna. When responding to a question about how often the newborns wake up in the middle of the night, Arie revealed that the pair swap out who sleeps in their bedroom and who sleeps with the twins on a nightly basis.

When answering a question about what the night time routine with their twins is, The Bachelor stars revealed that the couple try to keep the babies on a schedule, where they put them to bed at 7:30, “dream feed” them at 10, and then feed them one more time at 3, if they wake up. The couple said Lux is “always hungry” and Senna is the “better sleeper.” While they try to keep them on a rigid schedule, Arie said that some nights can be “complete chaos.” Arie also joked about how much Lux grunts in his sleep, and Lauren remarked that her husband “sleeps with an earplug in one ear,” because of it.

Arie and Lauren have been married since 2019. ( Carlos Osorio/AP/Shutterstock)

The couple explained how they “switch on-and-off,” as Lauren put it, so one person can enjoy a full night’s rest. “Lately we’ve been doing: I’ll sleep in the twins’ room. I’ll take a night, and then Lauren will sleep in the twin’s room the next night,” Arie said. “Just to give each other a full night’s rest, and then the person who has the full night’s rest handles [our older daughter] Alessi first thing in the morning. It’s working out pretty good.”

Lauren gave birth to the little ones on June 12, bringing the Luyendyk family up to five! Lauren and Arie also have a 2-year-old girl, Alessi. In the video, the couple shared all sorts of experiences that they’ve had with the little ones so far and spoke about giving birth, including favorite memories with all three kids and Lauren’s experience giving birth to the twins. Lauren revealed that she was open to the possibility of having more kids after the twins, but wanted to “see how it goes with the first three and go from there,” in an interview with HollywoodLife in May.

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