Meghan McCain Jokes You Can Get Out Of ‘Bad Dates’ By Saying You’re A Republican

Meghan McCain was never above using her political leanings to scare off awful dates. As a conservative, she said it was easy to get men to leave her alone in blue states.

Meghan McCain
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Image Credit: ABC/Lou Rocco

Meghan McCain, 36, had a useful tip for people stuck on bad dates in New York or Los Angeles on the Friday July 16 episode of The View. She said that just telling people she was a Republican was an easy way to get people off her back when she was still single. All the co-hosts shared their advice to dip out when a date isn’t going as well as planned, but Meghan’s hilarious tip was sure to get someone to “run right off.”

Most of The View co-hosts tips for an exit strategy were pretty typical to get out of a crummy date: tell them you’re busy after, slip out after going to the bathroom or be upfront. Meghan reflected on how she would bail before she started dating her husband Ben Domenech. “I dated in New York and LA, all I’d have to say is ‘I love President [George] Bush. I’m pro-life, and I’m an NRA [National Rifle Association] member,’ and then, they’ll just run right away,” she quipped.

Meghan McCain offered hilarious dating advice on Friday’s ‘The View.’ (ABC/Lou Rocco)

Even though Meghan proudly embraces her conservative political-leanings, she said that it would probably also work for anyone stuck on a bad date. “Even if you’re not a Republican, you can just start lying about it, and men will run away. This only works in New York and LA, but it works like a charm,” she explained.

Meghan even shared a story about a time she lied about loving Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to get a guy off her back. “There was one guy in particular who I remember that I was like—I’m not having it. I was like, ‘I really, really love Mitch McConnell.’ And like, I don’t love Mitch McConnell, but, like, that worked. He was like, ‘Oh my God, okay,’ and then, the date was over,” she said.

The other View co-hosts really got a kick out of Meghan’s way out of lousy dates. Joy Behar chimed in to say that if it worked for Meghan, it would probably work just as well in a red state. “The opposite would work for me in Texas or Mississippi. If I said I was a Democrat,” Joy responded.

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