Gracie McGraw Says She’s ‘Feeling Good’ After A ‘Bad Depressive Episode’ In Mental Health Post

Country music power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's eldest daughter Gracie got real about her mental health in a candid post about depression.

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Gracie McGraw, 24, has spoken out about her struggles with mental health. She took to Instagram on July 11 to share a carousel post, including two slides from her notes app featuring a lengthy message about her current headspace. “I’ve been in a really bad depressive episode for about three or so weeks now and it had put me in a headspace I haven’t been in for a long time,” she began. “I was binge eating so much … then I would look at myself in the mirror and feel so alone and so ugly.”

The daughter of Tim McGraw54, and Faith Hill, 53, continued, “The feelings and thoughts I had towards myself and the things I was telling myself were some of the worst things I’ve ever said to myself … I wanted to scream but I could barely breath I was crying so hard. It hit me the next day that I really needed to get back to myself or I was going to fully lose it.” After describing her “depressive episode” she told her followers, “Today I finally cleaned and reorganized my ENTIRE room and I cried after because I felt such a weight off my shoulders.”

She then shared a photo of her clean room, and multiple selfies. She wrote in the caption, “I’m on the UP today. Good things are coming. Feeling better takes a while so I’m taking the wins as they come. I’m feeling good and back to normal. Happy to be a human again.” In her final note to fans, she wrote, “Life is stressful as sh*t and someone’s we feel alone but if you ever feel like you can’t pull yourself out of something, ask for help. You will always have a support system no matter who that person is to you in your life. I got out of this but so many cant. Remember to love yourself and let other people love you because you deserve it.”

Gracie with her family. Image: SplashNews

Actress Rita Wilson commented, “You are so loved and accepted exactly as you are. Life isn’t this one moment. Sometimes it can feel that way. I understand. Thank you for sharing angel,” meanwhile, one follower wrote, “You’re so brave and strong, Gracie. I feel you SO hard in these posts. This sh*t is real, and you are going to come out on the other side. I promise. But in the meantime, know that posts like these really help people feel less alone. I know that for certain because I am one of them. Lots of love, sister.”

This wasn’t the first time Gracie got real with her followers. On March 11, she opened up about the importance of body positivity and her journey to embracing her true self. She shared some snaps of herself in a bathtub, accompanied by a thoughtful caption about the meaning behind the revealing pics. “I’m no artist by any means, but playing with makeup makes me feel like I belong in a museum!” she began her caption. “I love this beautiful era of using the face as just a blank slate. Makeup was created to enhance what men wanted us to enhance, sex, but now it’s used by every kind of person to express themselves.”

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