Simone Biles Beats Boyfriend Jonathan Owens In Romantic Rope Challenge — Watch

Jonathan Owens thought he might be able to beat girlfriend Simone Biles in a rope challenge, but he was no match for the Olympics gold medalist.

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Not so fast! NFL player Jonathan Owens, 25, challenged girlfriend Simone Biles, 24, to a friendly rope challenge in exchange for a 30-minute foot massage, but she had no interest in giving his feet a rubdown. In fact, she bugged out over the idea of it and suggested they wager $50 instead. Then, she quickly scaled the rope in 10 seconds and left him in the dust.

It all went down in a recent clip from Simone’s Facebook Watch series, Simone Versus Herself, when she set up the rope challenge and said it’d be “gymnast vs. NFL player”. As we said, she won, but he didn’t accept defeat very easily. “I had you about 3/4 of the way. I just… I burnt out,” he said.

Of course, they were just joking and a friendly competition never hurt anyone. In fact, later in the episode, Simone said she and Jonathan are “best friends that are dating”, which “really helps” their relationship. She also added that they “vibe on the same level” and have the same sense of humor.


And while Jonathan claims to have not known about Simone’s career before they started dating, he now thinks it’s pretty fantastic. “The coolest thing for me is that I get to witness someone who’s literally in the pinnacle of their sport,” Jonathan said in the episode. She later added, “It’s like [our relationship] was meant to be.”

Simone is actually preparing to compete for Olympic gold once more, and Jonathan is supporting her any way that he can. Just before she competed in the Olympic trials last week, he said he “can’t wait to watch” her compete. “You in the city, baby,” he wrote on a photo she posted on Instagram on June 22. “Let’s go.”

Jonathan and Simone started dating in March 2020 and since then, they haven’t been shy about showing each other off on social media. Isn’t love great?

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