‘Miz & Mrs’ Preview: Maryse Wants Miz To Get A Vasectomy — You Should ‘Get Your Man Parts Snipped’

The Miz and Maryse have decided to not have another and the idea of a vasectomy is brought up in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the April 19 episode of 'Miz and Mrs.'

After a pregnancy scare, The Miz and Maryse have made a big decision about their family’s future.  “We’re not having another baby. We’ve kind of come to a conclusion that we’re done having kids,” The Miz says to the family in our EXCLUSIVE preview of Miz and Mrs. “We know we always said we’re going to keep going until we have a boy…” Maryse chimes in, “Bottom line, we’re just really happy with them and our family dynamic and I just feel like when you know, you know.”

The Miz’s dad, George Mizanin, asks The Miz who will carry on the family name. The Miz says he doesn’t care about that. Maryse’s mom, Marjo, believes all that matters is that they have two healthy kids.

Miz and Maryse talk about their family’s future. (USA Network)

Marjo takes the conversation to a new level by asking The Miz if he’s going to get a vasectomy. “I’m not talking about this with you. We haven’t had that discussion yet,” Miz says. Maryse thinks it’s a good time to start thinking about that.

Miz asks Maryse what she wants to do. “I think you should have your man parts snipped,” she tells him straight-up. In their confessional, Miz is adamant that a vasectomy is “something that’s not even on the table.” Maryse replies, “I just think you should think about it. Listen, one little procedure, in and out, done real quick.”

Maryse tells Miz he’s getting a vasectomy. (USA Network)

Miz isn’t letting this go. “I don’t want anything going down there,” he tells Maryse. But Maryse has the perfect comeback. “I had my stomach cut open twice in two years. Michael Mizanin, you’re going to get your pee-pee snipped.” The couple told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that they visited a sperm bank to ensure they’d have the ability to have a third child if Miz ends up getting a vasectomy.

The Miz and Maryse have two beautiful daughters, Monroe and Madison. As Maryse reminded Miz, they were both born via C-section. Miz and Mrs airs Mondays at 11 a.m. on USA Network.

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