‘MAFS: Couples’ Cam’ Preview: Shawniece & Jephte Reveal They’re Ready For Baby #2

Shawniece and Jephte sit down and discuss having a second baby in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'Married At First Sight: Couples Cam.' Shawniece also wants to renew their vows!

Shawniece and Jephte are ready to talk more about their future in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the April 14 episode of Married At First Sight: Couples’ Cam. Shawniece is well aware that Jephte wants more kids, and she’s sitting down to have that discussion with him. “Four or five,” he says about the number of kids he wants. Shawniece replies, “That number hasn’t changed, has it?”

It sure hasn’t. Three years ago, Jephte was very focal about wanting 5 kids, whereas Shawniece was thinking more like 2 kids. “No, that number will never change,” Jephte says.

Jephte in the April 14 episode of ‘Married At First Sight.’ (Lifetime)

The couple soon gets down to business about a second baby. “Let’s talk baby #2. Laura has about a year before she turns 3, so by then she should be, if she’s not fully potty trained, super close,” Jephte says to Shawniece. Shawniece adds, “I would ideally like that to happen. I want to at least get Laura to a place where she’s being more independent. Now I can focus on having another kid and making sure so I don’t feel overwhelmed.”

In her confessional, Shawniece acknowledges that she and Jephte “got married very quickly, obviously. And Laura came unexpectedly, and so for the first time in our lives, we get to plan a life-changing event together.” Shawniece and Jephte welcomed their daughter in 2018 after meeting and marrying on Married At First Sight season 6.

Shawniece Jephte
Shawniece and Jephte met during ‘Married At First Sight’ season 6. (Lifetime)

On top of a second baby, Shawniece tells Jephte that she wants to renew their vows. “I think that’s a great idea,” Jephte says. Well, that settles it! “Fine by me. This is easy,” a very happy Shawniece replies. This year is shaping up to be a busy one for Shawniece and Jephte! The Married At First Sight: Couples Cam season finale airs April 14 at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

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