Paulina Porizkova Shares Her Favorite Ab-Toning, ‘Groovy’ Pandemic Workouts

At 55, Paulina Porizkova looks incredible! Never not down to share her secrets, the model opened up on the HL podcast about her favorite workouts she does at home!

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Image Credit: Paulina Porizkova

Paulina Porizkova has kept her long physique toned and taut at the age of 55, so of course we had to ask her to spill the tea on what keeps her in such great shape! On the HollywoodLife Podcast, the 55-year-old model admitted it makes her “so happy” to share her workouts with her followers on IG, especially in this last year. “I never really pretended to be anything else but myself and the thing about the pandemic was that suddenly, we all could work out to the same stuff, which is all online, right? And so my Pilates workouts went went on Zoom, and I could share it so I can share that with everybody,” she explained. Paulina’s online Pilates class is called the Nofar Method and she even shared a video of herself workin’ that core! 

“I asked Jonathan to show you guys how I got them and maintain them. @nofarmethod Pilates for me all the way! Super hard, but she changes it up so one doesn’t get bored. I dare YOU not to develop a six pack if you can follow her class. ( Which, btw, I can’t – I get yelled at all the time),” she wrote in the post on IG. “Yesterday, someone here in Insta called me lucky. And indeed, when it comes to abs, it’s half that and half hard work. But you know, we all got lucky with something and unlucky with something else. This is where I like to adhere to the French way of celebrating beauty- accentuate your luck! And true confidence? Accentuate your flaws!”

That’s not the only exercise Paulina indulges in! “This other workout I do is this dancing workout with this girl who is England that I just hit on accidentally because I kept wanting to do a cardio thing, and I love dancing, but so many dance classes are so serious and they also don’t have great music. So, I lucked out with this girl and the workouts are really simple with great music!” she gushed. The dance teacher, Aqua Jade Dance Fitness, “gets you moving and jumping around” and “I don’t need to learn like advanced routines or like shadow box while I then I just want to have fun,” Paulina added. “It’s really rewarding to me to be able to find things and then share them with everybody else.”

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