‘American Idol’s Murphy Reveals Why He Isn’t Rushing To Record & Release Music After Elimination

Even though 'American Idol' fan favorite Murphy didn't make it to the live shows, the singer-songwriter still has big plans for the future.

Sadly, American Idol season 19 contestant Murphy was cut before the Top 24 live shows. Yet he made such an incredible impression on viewers. His mellow demeanor, original songs and soulful voice turned him into a fan favorite, even though he’s no longer on the ABC show. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com, the 27-year-old tells us how he has “more opportunity now and more capability than I ever have before,” and that he’s taking his time in choosing what music he will record.

“I am absolutely floored by the response that I have got from the public, I went in thinking that no one would like me much less the judges,” Murphy explains. “I was worried that they wouldn’t like me much less the public. When I thought about it the first time, I realized how nervous I actually was to share who I was on TV. I never considered it at that point, but I kind of understood why they did once the cameras landed on me.”

Fan favorite Murphy performs on ‘American Idol.’ Photo credit: ABC.

Murphy suffers from a degenerative eye disease that has left him primarily blind in one eye and could leave him completely blind by his 30’s. He only revealed the condition when given the advice to open his eyes more (thought the stage light glare made it painful), as well as to make better eye contact with the judges, even though he had problems seeing them. But that only made the fact that he was up there crushing it with his own original music all the more inspiring.

When it comes to Murphy’s musical future, he’s looking at heading into the studio. But he’s not in a rush to choose which of his original songs to record. “As best as I can say is that I have more opportunity now and more capability than I ever have before. I mean to say it clearly, I have more instruments, more time and more ability than I walked onto that stage and I think it is going to look pretty good,” he explains of his future projects.

“I am just excited, what else can I say. I have all the energy in the world to throw whatever is next to record. I would love to do that right now. But I have to think of songs right now and play. I wish I could play for you. Music is always on my mind,” he tells us.

Murphy is excited to share his original songs with the world, but is going to take his time to decide what to record. Photo credit: ABC.

Murphy already has one new musical opportunity, as actor Josh Gad tweeted that the singer was “robbed” on AI by being eliminated, and the Frozen star would love for the musician to write an original song for Central Park. That’s Josh’s animated Apple TV+ musical comedy series in which he executive produces the show and voices the character of Birdie.

After Murphy’s elimination, Josh tweeted, “I would love for you to honor us by writing a song for us on ‘Central Park,'” referencing his Apple TV+ series. Murphy responded by telling him that he would be “honored” to accept the gig. The current Seattle resident tells us that he’s been in touch with Josh and that, “Yes that is coming up,” about them working together, adding, “I’ll be more in talks in the upcoming days.” Murphy’s got such a bright future ahead of him post-American Idol, and fans can’t wait to see what comes next.

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