Danny Trejo Reveals Why He Showed Jenny McCarthy So Much Love On ‘Masked Singer’

Danny Trejo was revealed as the Raccoon on 'The Masked Singer,' and he explained why he was crushing on Jenny McCarthy.

Danny Trejo
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Another celebrity has been unmasked! During the March 24 episode of The Masked Singer, actor Danny Trejo, 76, was revealed as the Raccoon. Danny rocked out to “Ring of Fire” and continued to love on Jenny McCarthy. He spoke with HollywoodLife and revealed why he decided to give Jenny a special shoutout on The Masked Singer.

“Jenny McCarthy is an advocate for special needs children,” Danny told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “She deals a lot with autistic kids, and I raised an autistic kid. He just applied for 5 different colleges and got accepted to 5 different colleges, so we’re really proud of him. The Los Angeles City schools no matter how hard they try they’re falling short of dealing with special needs children. When a star like Jenny McCarthy gets involved, she shines lights on it. So that’s why she excites me besides the fact that she’s so gorgeous.”

Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy is a panelist on ‘The Masked Singer.’ (FOX)

The Machete actor also revealed his first reaction to the Raccoon costume. “When they approached me, they showed me a picture of the Raccoon,” Danny said. “My dog, John Wesley Hardin, I have a little schnauzer who looks exactly like that Raccoon with the gray and the black and the white.”

When asked who he’d love to see do The Masked Singer, Danny had someone in mind. “I would love for someone like Robert De Niro to do it, but again, he’s got that distinctive voice,” Danny told HollywoodLife.

Danny Trejo
Danny Trejo as the Raccoon on ‘The Masked Singer.’ (FOX)

During the episode, the first wildcard masked singer was introduced, and he turned the show on its head. The Orca hit the stage and made quite the statement. The Orca will continue on in the competition, while the Raccoon is going home. The Orca joins the Russian Dolls, Robopine, Seashell, and more. The celebrities revealed so far this season have been Caitlyn Jenner and Kermit the Frog. The Masked Singer season 5 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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