Kim Kardashian Confesses She Bought Diapers In Case She Needed To Pee During 7-Hour ‘Baby Bar’

Kim Kardashian has revealed she had adult diapers on hand to make it through taking the grueling 'baby bar' law exam, as she wasn't allowed to get up to pee.

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On the Keeping Up With The Kardashians  Mar. 18 final season premiere, fans learned some harsh realities about Kim Kardashian‘s grueling journey to become a lawyer. She took the California “baby bar” exam while in quarantine at home following her first year of intense law studies. Since those taking the test are automatically failed if they get up out of their chair during the exam, that means no bathroom breaks. Kim showed fans how she came prepared by purchasing adult diapers in case she had to pee during the test.

The 40-year-old revealed that she had to “install a software on your computer. You can’t go anywhere else during the test and you have to be in an empty room. Eyes can’t look around the room because they assume that you’re going to cheat.” Kim then went on to describe how she was not beyond peeing in her seat with the adult diapers, as she was so determined to make it through the baby bar.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian hopes to take the full California bar exam in 2022. Photo credit: SplashNews.

“I’m nervous that I’m going to have to pee so we literally bought like Depends diapers…I didn’t have to wear one, but they’ll fail you if you get up, so I was like I’ll pee in my chair. I don’t care,” Kim revealed with total determination. The First-Year Law Students’ Examination —  known as the “baby bar” — is one day version of the bar exam done remotely in June and November in California. While Kim isn’t enrolled in a formal law school, she’s been studying via an apprenticeship with hopes to take the full California bar exam in 2022.

Kim noted that her late attorney father Robert Kardashian Sr. passed the baby bar on the first try. The test is 7 hours long, with 4 hour-long essays and 300 multiple-choice questions. Only 20 percent of people taking the exam pass this test, according to Kim. She said she studied up to 10 hours a day in preparation.

Kim live tweeted throughout the premiere, and told fans “The baby bar was the first test that I took in a really long time. The anxiety was real.” She added, “Love that you guys get to see my law school journey.” Fan @DashDolls831 told the reality star “That’s the best feeling after a test when you dedicated everything to it and you feel confident that you knew everything @KimKardashian #KUWTK,” which Kim retweeted and wrote “Facts.” User Diana G wrote to Kim, “300 multiple choice questions?!?! @KimKardashian girl I know damn well you are stressessssssed #KUWTK,” and the aspiring legal eagle tweeted back “I spend so many hours studying but it’s definitely worth it.”

A fan named @narcicismo asked, “ten and half hours a day??? studying???? how do you manage to do everything in one day??? @KimKardashian #KUWTK” and Kim retweeted his question, telling him “It’s brutal!!!!” Her sister Khloe Kardashian, 36, then jumped in the conversation to add, “She’s a legend!!!!! She is literally incredible!” about Kim’s ability to multitask raising four young kids, keeping several businesses running and successful, maintaining her law studies and cramming for the baby bar.

Fortunately, Kim is going to go more in depth about her baby bar experience outside of what made the cut on KUWTK. Fan Noemi asked Kim, “will this baby BAR experience be on your podcast? i know many future law students would love to hear how you managed everything #KUWTK,” and Kim retweeted the question, adding, “It’s going to be the best! I can’t wait for you guys to tune in.” With Kim’s incredibly busy life, she surely has some amazing tips to offer fellow hopeful attorneys about prepping for the baby bar.