Wendy Williams Loudly Burps & Appears To Fart On Live TV: ‘I Apologize’ — Watch

Wendy Williams had some gas that needed to get out of her body, as she seemed to both burp and fart simultaneously live during her talk show.

Did Wendy Williams eat something spicy for breakfast? Because she appeared to have a double release in the form of a burp and a fart at the same time while doing her Hot Topics segment during her daytime talk show on Mar. 15. The 56-year-old was in the middle of speculating about possible new boyfriends for soon to be single Kim Kardashian when she seemed to have the very rare double pipe classic, which the occurrence is known as via Urban Dictionary. Wendy even apologized to her audience afterwards.

“And she’s probably got five new boyfriends. We haven’t caught anybody coming out of the house yet,” Wendy said about Kim, adding “It’s just a matter of time. She ain’t lon….” and belched loudly without being able to finish saying “lonely.” Wendy immediately put her hand up to her mouth and said “I apologize, I apologize” and went on with the segment. But there appeared to be a light toot of more gas releasing from another part of her body immediately after her burp, which has fans buzzing.

It can be heard even clearer at the 16:33 mark here:

Wendy has never been shy about letting out her belches on live TV. But she does get defensive when it comes to farting. She was accused of passing gas rather loudly during a Jan. 22, 2020 episode. She was leaning to her side while sitting in her big purple chair and a rather loud and squishy sounding gas noise erupted during Hot Topics. You can see the video below:

Wendy was so adamant that she did not fart that she took a great deal of time to address it the next day on her show. “I have never farted once on this show. I barely fart. You know why? Because gas gets released several different ways and mine is belching cause all I do is talk. If I farted, I’d have laughed, cause farts are always funny.”

She added about the noise, “By the sound of that fart, I’d have to go change my costume. I would have left a mark in the seat. I wouldn’t even have saved the costume, I would have thrown it away. It probably would have been soiled beyond soiltivity. ”

Wendy then brought on an employee named John who said the noise came from a chemist who was a guest on the show setting up her experiments backstage. He explained it involved an air gas tank and they didn’t have the proper hose for it. Wendy jumped in to claim, “And I’m doing Hot Topics not realizing any of this chaos is going on!” John then gave a lengthy explanation about how the noise occurred and eventually said that at because of the incorrect hose, air was coming out that sounded like someone was farting. “So that’s what it was, it wasn’t Wendy,” the employee declared.

Wendy has had so many incidents where she’s burped on air that a fan named Dillon put together a YouTube video compilation that was over three minutes long of all of the times she’s had it happen while live on her show.  Sometimes she’ll even explain her belches like she did on an Oct. 16, 2020 episode. Wendy was in the middle of discussing Halloween costumes when she let out an extremely deep and lout belch. While she told her audience “excuse me,” she blamed it on eating Puerto Rican food the night before.

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