Meghan McCain Scolds GOP For COVID Vaccine Distrust: ‘Put An iPod’ In Me If I Can Get ‘Drunk’ In Vegas Again

Meghan McCain said that she's all for getting the COVID-19 vaccine and more, if it means life will go back to normal again.

Meghan McCain
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Meghan McCain wants her fellow Republicans to trust the science and get the COVID-19 vaccine when they’re eligible. The View co-hosts discussed on the March 16 episode how “an alarming number” of Republicans (including nearly half of Trump supporters) are leaning toward refusing the vaccine. Not Meghan, though. She’s all for being protected against the coronavirus, she explained quite enthusiastically.

“Personally, I am happy to get a vaccine live on the show,” Meghan stated. “I do trust science, I trust doctors. Quite frankly, I’d let them put an iPod Nano between my shoulder blades if it means I can get drunk at Caesar’s Palace again. So I’ll do what anybody wants. I do trust the doctors.”

Everyone has their priorities, and that’s a very relatable one. Meghan, who never shies away from sharing an opinion, explained to the co-hosts why Republicans may remain skeptical about getting the vaccine. She admitted that there are people in her “own life” who also distrust the efficacy of the vaccine. She played a clip of Vice President Kamala Harris saying before the election that she was hesitant to get the vaccine.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain hosts an October 2018 episode of The View (Courtesy of ABC)

“I would not trust Donald Trump,” Harris said. “It would have to [come from] a reliable source about the efficacy… I would not take his word for it.” Meghan said that Republicans are feeling the same way about Joe Biden‘s administration. “It’s dangerous that this has become so politicized,” she said,” adding that “when big government says you have to do XYZ, you’re going to question it.”

For the record, the efficacy rate for each of the vaccines is high. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines show a 95% and 94.1% efficacy, respectively, according to the FDA; the newer, one dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine is 72% effective at preventing COVID-19.

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