‘Bridgerton’s Steamy Regé-Jean Page Makes Aidy Bryant, Ego Nwodim & Chloe Fineman Swoon On ‘SNL’

'Bridgerton's breakout star has landed at Studio 8H! Regé-Jean Page had the ladies of 'SNL' very keen to be his 'personal escort.'

Regé-Jean Page, 31, has become a breakout star after starring in Netflix’s Bridgerton! The 31-year-old was quickly booked to host Saturday Night Live on Feb. 20, and opened the show with a pretty epic monologue. “You probably recognize me from Bridgerton…it’s a bit of a racy show and because of that people may associate me with being this smoldering, sensual smoke show,” he began. “But I assure you, I’m just a regular guy,” he went on, as lowering his voice to speak seductively. “And I’m here to show you a good time. To have fun together. To explore each other,” he added, as Aidy Bryant then popped out.

Clearly a fan of Regé-Jean and Bridgerton, Aidy attempted to keep her cool as she explained she was his “escort” for the week at SNL. “Hey Regé-Jean. Sorry to interrupt. I’m going to be your personal escort for all of your personal needs…yeah, anything you need. Alcohol, a massage,” she offered, nervously laughing. Cast mate Ego Nwodim — dressed in a mesh top and leather shorts — had a similar idea in mind. “Hello, I am your liaison! The host has one every week and I am to be yours,” she added, attempting a curtsy.

Regé-Jean Page made his ‘SNL’ debut on Saturday, Feb. 20. (NBC)

“You don’t have to bow! I’ve been getting a lot of this energy at least — you can both relax,” Regé-Jean reasoned, as the ladies stood by and watched. “We’re just big fans of the Duke!…I’ve seen your bottom!” Aidy then blurted out, as she and Ego detailed their favorite parts of the popular Netflix series. It turns out, they were living for the steamiest scenes — particularly episodes 5 and 6 — even naming exact times the particular moments could be caught. After brushing an eyelash away from Aidy’s cheek, Chloe Fineman then appeared dressed as Phoebe Dynevor‘s character Daphbe Bridgerton. “Please tell me you aren’t dressed as Daphne, my love interest from Bridgerton,” Regé-Jean asked, hilariously adding that “people just want me to be this guy that says, ‘I burn for you.'”

The British star was confirmed to be hosting a week prior during the Regina King hosted episode, which he later re-posted to his Twitter and Instagram. Fans were immediately ecstatic to see handsome Regé-Jean confirmed, and took to social media to share their excitement! “rege jean page and bad bunny on SNL the same night?! happy valentine’s day,” one wrote, referencing musical guest Bad Bunny.

Given Regency-era drama Bridgerton is now one of Netflix’s top-streamed series ever, it’s no surprise to see Regé-Jean hosting. In the Shonda Rhimes produced drama, Regé-Jean plays the Duke of Hastings Simon Basset who falls in love with debutante Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) after a “faux” relationship. The pairs on-screen chemistry made for some very steamy love scenes in the show, which were unexpected for the usually buttoned-up genre. Regé-Jean hilariously revealed the hot scenes made for some rather  awkward moments with his family.

“My family are pretty well drilled at this point…I had red flashing light emojis around episode 5,” he said to Ross Mathews during an interview with The Drew Barrymore Show, explaining his family has a WhatsApp group to discuss the series. “I had a cousin who missed the messages and she just put on a tactical cup of tea and left the room [during those scenes]. For no reason, you aren’t perturbed — you just make a long of tea. But she came back and we were still going!” he hilariously added.

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