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Olivia Newton-John Gushes Over ‘Incredible’ Friendship With John Travolta While Teasing New Song

Olivia Newton-John has teamed up with daughter Chloe Latanzzi for another hit single as she prepares to launch her duets album featuring friend John Travolta!

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Olivia Newton-John, 72, collaborated with daughter Chloe Lattanzi, 35,  on her newest single. While their bond is unbreakable, another special bond she has is with pal John Travolta, 67. “Well, we’ll always been friends,” Olivia told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during an Instagram Live Q&A with her daughter by her side from her Las Vegas home on Feb. 16 to promote their new song “Window in the Wall.” She added, “[John and I] been through a huge, incredible experience together and we care about each other and we’ll always be friends.”

Fans fell in love with Olivia and John over 40 years ago when they hit the big screen for the now-iconic movie Grease. Olivia, who played Sandy Olsson, and John’s character Danny Zuko started a pop culture phenomenon with their respective Pink Ladies and T-Birds by their sides. The duo most recently worked together on a Christmas album back in 2012 and have remained dear friends since they first met way back in 1978.

Thanks to Chloe, Olivia is releasing even more new music with a full duets album also on the way this April. “I’m in the studio this week recording another song and I’m going to try to convince her to do another one with me,” Chloe revealed. “Chloe and this song came to me,” Olivia added of the single that has made it to #1 on several music charts. “It was all a gift, it was all meant to be, so I always love singing with her and this song was the perfect song to sing with her,” the superstar added.

The mother-daughter duo, who moved in together during the pandemic, had no hiccups when it came to recording together. “We’ve worked together on and off before since Chloe was a little girl,” Olivia revealed. “We’ve done TV movies and recorded five years ago, we had a number one dance hit together. But this song — I really thought I was retiring. I wasn’t going to sing anymore and Chloe said, “No, I want you to sing with me,” and I’m going, ‘No.’ And then this all came up and I had to record it.”

Olivia also just re-released her book Don’t Stop Believin‘ on paperback on Jan. 26. With a new forward, vegan diet and the work she’s doing with the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund, which funds research into plant medicine. Because of how near and dear this is to her own health, she has no plans of stopping anytime soon. “I just feel lighter somehow,” Olivia, who’s battled cancer with a holistic approach, said. “I feel well and I think eating a huge amount of vegetables and plants are important. I take them for my health and I eat them all of the time, but I’m saying plants all the way around are pleasant for the human body,” she explained.