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‘Grease’ Prequel Producers Hope John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John Will Make Cameos & He May Be Down

While they can't necessarily play their original roles in a prequel, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John might return for a small cameo in the next 'Grease' movie!

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With the news that there will be a Grease prequel detailing the summer love story between Sandy Olsson (originally portrayed by Olivia Newton-John, 70) and Danny Zuko (John Travolta, 65) before they attended the same school, fans are probably wondering who’s returning from the original film more than 40 years later. A source close to the original Danny Zuko himself told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “Everyone would love to see John and Olivia do a cameo, they wanted it to happen when Grease: Live was around, but so many variables would have to take place between the script, the role, their schedules,” our source revealed. “Never say never but it would not be 100% especially since it might be a few years from now that the film would get off the ground.”

Our source continued, “John only has wonderful memories when it comes to Grease and since everything comes back in one way, shape, or another, he would love to see a new generation fall in love with the characters of Danny and Sandy. He just hopes that they do it justice and make a great film and don’t just phone it in. If it gets to the point of actually being made he would be cool with it and would likely support it.”

People surely would love to see the movie’s original stars make a cameo in the movie – that includes those behind-the-scenes who are involved in making movie decisions at Paramount, all the way to fans who have cherished the film for decades, our source said. “It would be total validation and almost a passing of the torch,” they added. “We would have to wait and see, but the chance is there for John at least, and he would at least take a look at the opportunity.”

While our source expressed that John would likely be interested, Olivia might not make an appearance in the prequel. The actress told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “I don’t think you can repeat things, you can’t go back. I think in the olden days I used to tell people that I would cringe watching it and asked myself why I did that or I could have done that better. But now with all the time and all the love people have for it I can relax and enjoy it. But I don’t believe going back and redoing it.” The high school musical Grease was released in 1978, and remains a true classic even decades later. The movie had a sequel in 1982 with Michelle Pfeiffer, 60, and the aforementioned television musical, Grease: Live, in 2016.