Colin Farrell, 44, Shows Off Wild Bald Head Makeover While Hitting The Gym: Before & After Pics

Colin Farrell looked nearly unrecognizable when he stepped outside following his workout session at the gym. See before and after pics of the actor's lack of hair with his bald makeover!

Colin Farrell
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Image Credit: SL, Terma / BACKGRID/AP

Colin Farrellis that you? The actor, 44, was spotted out after a training session at the gym on February 2 in Los Angeles and made a number of fans and passersby do a total double take. Colin was seen wearing a black Nike muscle shirt with gray and orange short-shorts along with a black face mask upon leaving the gym facility. What fans couldn’t help but notice was Colin’s new hairstyle, or lack thereof!

Colin Farrell seen out in Los Angeles following a session at the gym [SL, Terma / BACKGRID].
The star sported a completely bald, clean-shaven head. It was quite a jarring look for the actor, whom fans are accustomed to seeing sport short buzzcuts, long locks, and various other styles. But this bold new look definitely took some by surprise. Just check out the photo of his new look above and one of his previous styles below! Then again, fans of the actor were particularly surprised by one transformation he underwent for one of the most highly-anticipated upcoming films.

Audiences could hardly believe Colin’s transformation for his role as The Penguin in the upcoming DC Comics feature The Batman. Colin portrays the iconic comic book character, also known as Oswald Cobblepot, for the Matt Reeves-helmed film, slated for a 2022 release due to production halts amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. Among his cast members, Colin is joined by Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/ Batman, Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle/ Catwoman, Paul Dano as Edward Nashton/ The Riddler and more.

Colin Farrell photographed prior to his recent haircut [AP].
Upon seeing the trailer for the first time, fans couldn’t get over Colin’s look as The Batman villain. The actor was weighted down with prosthetics, wearing a dark trench coat and suit, and more. Once photos from the set of the film circulated, perspective audiences got an even closer look at all of the physical alterations the actor went through to capture The Penguin’s look.

When it comes to Colin’s current hairstyle, however, the actor might be prepping for a film role currently in pre-production. Colin will reunite with his In Bruges director Martin McDonagh for an untitled project. The film will also see Colin back together with his In Bruges co-star, Brendan Gleeson. Regardless if Colin’s new look is for work or for his own comfort, fans will surely be talking about in the time to come!

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