‘Bling Empire’s Kelly Mi Li & Andrew Gray Are Back Together After 6-Month Breakup  

Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray are back together and they've never been happier! The 'Bling Empire' stars, whose tumultuous relationship was documented on the hit Netflix show, rekindled their romance after taking time apart for self-growth.

Kelly Mi Li & Andrew Gray
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Bling Empire‘s Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray, whose romance came to an in the debut season of the Netflix show, are back together! She confirmed that the two reconciled after taking “a good five-month or six-month break” in the new Bling Empire: Where Are They Now Netflix special, which was released on Monday, January 25. “We are together today — stronger, happier than we ever have been,” Gray revealed during the 21-minute cast video.

During their time apart, Mi Li said both she and Gray went to therapy to work on themselves. “I feel like I’ve grown a lot,” the actor said, explaining that through therapy, “I’ve been able to resolve so many issues that I didn’t even know were still open, like a wound.”

Both Mi Li and Gray admitted that their relationship today is “night and day” from what it used to be. And, although it was admittedly tough to watch their split play out on the show, Mi Li and Gray believe it benefitted their relationship. “The more that we can expose, the more that we can grow,” said Gray.

“[Fans] saw a really dark period of our relationship,” Mi Li said of Bling Empire, which is streaming now on Netflix. “With Andrew’s behavior, I don’t excuse it at all. I think it’s 100 percent wrong,” she admitted.

Those who’ve watched season 1 of Bling Empire will know that [spoilers ahead!] Mi Li and Gray’s relationship hit rocky ground during a trip to Paris in 2018, when the actor became angry with his girlfriend after she left him behind at a hotel. Gray ended up calling and texting Mi Li and yelling at her over the phone, which caused worried fans and friends to express concern over his actions. The pair ultimately split and Mi Li asked Gray to move out of their home.

Kelly Mi Li & Andrew Gray
Kelly Mi Li & Andrew Gray. (Photo credit: Netflix)

Today, the couple is still living separately. “But we are doing really well,” Mi Li told Us Weekly in an interview published on the same day as the Netflix special. “It’s still a journey just because at the end of day, mental health is so important. It’s something that we don’t really talk about very, very regularly,” she said explaining, “He’s been the way he is for 30-plus years, and same thing with me. We’ve been conditioned the way we are. So we’re just basically finding the ways to rewire our brain, rewire the way we look at things and the way we react to things. We have to work on it every day.”  Mi Li added that she’s still in therapy to “individually and learn more about myself because I’ve just never taken a proper time to learn about me, the person that I’m supposed to know the most.”

As for when the pair decided to give love another try, Mi Li and Gray began spending time together again in June. And, while they’re both continuing their solo therapy sessions, they’re hoping to eventually return to couples therapy — which fans watched in Bling Empire.

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with him for the six years I’ve known him,” Mi Li gushed to the outlet, noting that she’s “impressed” with Gray’s calmer demeanor and how far they’ve come with learning to communicate better. “I have never seen this version of Andrew, and I’m very, very proud and very inspired and inspired to also be a better version of myself,” she said. “I have never met somebody who just loves me so much, who would do anything to be with me. His actions show the work he put in. I really respect that.”

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