Tiffany Trump’s Fiancé Michael Boulos Is Heir To Billion Dollar Nigeria-Based Fortune – His Dad Speaks Out

Tiffany Trump's Arab-American fiance, Michael Boulos, who she became engaged to the day before Donald Trump left the White House, comes from a wealthy family that has suffered tragedy.

Tiffany Trump, Michael Boulos
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Tiffany Trump, 27, made headlines on Jan. 19 when she announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Michael Boulos, 23, and now we’re finding out more about the hunk and where he comes from as well as his dad’s take on the couple. The Arab-American entrepreneur, who will soon be Donald Trump‘s son-in-law, is heir to his family’s multi-billion dollar motorcycle business, Boulos Enterprises, and proposed to Tiffany with a $1.2 million engagement ring on the day before Trump left the White House. His dad, Dr. Massad Boulos, spoke to Daily Mail about his family’s history and his feelings on the happy couple’s exciting news.

“It’s great news, it’s been an amazing love story and it will continue to be,” he told the outlet about the engagement. “This is just one chapter that they’re starting now on a long journey of hopefully love and prosperity.”

Tiffany Trump, Michael Boulos
Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos announced their engagement on Jan. 19. (AP)
Massad was born in Kfaraakka, near the Lebanese border, and came to the U.S. as a child in the 1970s. He married Michael’s mother, Sarah Fadoul, who is the daughter of tycoon Zouhair Fadoul, when he was a student, and Zouhair brought him into the family business, Fadoul Group, which services interests such as construction and vehicle sales, in 13 African countries. Sarah, who was settled in Nigeria, founded the Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria (SPAN).
After their marriage, Michael, who is the second of four siblings, was eventually born in Houston, Texas but he and his family were largely brought up in Lagos, Nigeria. When Michael was just six, tragedy struck in a big way when he and his family lost seven family members in two accidents that happened just days apart. The first involved the deaths of Sarah’s aunt and uncle from a house fire caused by faulty Christmas lights, and the second involved five other family members, including Sarah’s mother and brother, who all died when their charter flight crashed on Christmas Eve as they were on their way to the funeral.

“It was an awful tragedy for the whole family,” Massad remembered. “Michael was six at the time, and in another country, but it hit everyone.”

Tiffany Trump
Tiffany Trump’s engagement announcement included this message along with a gorgeous photo of the couple posing in the White House. (Courtesy of Instagram)
Michael eventually left Lagos after finishing school to attend Regent’s University, London for three years. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Global Business Management, he went on to get a master’s degree in Project Management, Finance and Risk at City, University of London.
Although all eyes have recently been on Michael because of his romance with Tiffany, he’s not the only member of his family who enjoys the spotlight once in a while. His brother, Fares Boulos, 30, has shown an interest in acting and appeared on Netflix’s The Crown in the non-speaking role of film director Ken Russell. “He’s always been bright at school and great with people – they both have – but Fares set his heart on acting quite early on,” Massad explained.
As far as what Michael’s currently up to and what the future holds now that Tiffany, whom he started dating in 2018, will definitely be a part of it, Massad sounded confident. “He’s involved in various aspects [of the family business] but currently he’s in the United States and he’s working on his own projects lately,” he confirmed before also admitting he doesn’t think he’ll move back to Nigeria. “I imagine they’ll probably base themselves in Florida for the foreseeable future,” he said.

He also thinks the wedding will take place in the U.S. and thinks trump’s Mar-a-Lago club would be a great venue. “That would be amazing, it’s a fantastic place, but of course that’s his decision, not mine,” he said.

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