Meghan McCain Thanks ‘View’ Co-Host Sunny Hostin For Her ‘Patience’ On MLK Day Special

Meghan McCain took the time to thank co-host Sunny Hostin on the Martin Luther King Jr. Day episode of 'The View,' expressing her gratitude after Sunny showed her 'grace' during 'really hard conversations.'

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The co-hosts on The View came together on the January 18 episode of their daytime talk show to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. For her part, Meghan McCain not only shared what she had learned over the course of the last year, but expressed so much gratitude to her friend and co-host, Sunny Hostin. “On a very personal level, I have really been deeply grateful for the conversations we have had on this show…I particularly want to thank my co-host, Sunny.”

Meghan went on to describe that Sunny had shown her nothing but “grace and patience, and had really hard conversations about a lot of things that have really helped me grow and understand things that, I don’t think, I would have necessarily understood,” she said. Meghan continued on, saying that she believes there is “room for growth” and “communication,” adding, “we have to keep talking to one another.”

Before thanking Sunny for everything she’d done, Meghan highlighted her perspective on the sacred day that is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. “Dr. King was nothing if not an incredibly hopeful and optimistic man, who at his core believed in love and light,” she continued. “If there’s anything I have learned, personally, in the past year in 2020 it’s just how deep and intense the original sin of slavery in America is,” Meghan admitted.

Meghan McCain expressed her gratitude to co-host Sunny Hostin on ‘The View’ during a special segment the show aired on Martin Luther King Jr. Day [ABC].
“And I think for a lot of people, myself included, this summer with the Black Lives Matter movement and all of the murders of unarmed Black men it has been…I wouldn’t say a wakeup call, because, obviously we’re all aware that racism still exists in the country.” Meghan went on to describe how, as a nation, “we haven’t done the healing and the work since Dr. King’s assassination that we really should have and need to continue doing…Racism exists all over the country in all different factions.”

Meghan called on “every other conservative and republican” to follow the words of Condoleezza Rice. “All of us have to take a hard look at what we are contributing to racism in this country…I believe that I am giving my best attempt at.” In the past, Meghan McCain, a noted conservative, has used her time on The View to work through her feelings over the racial divide in America. But, after the events of this past year, she closed by saying, “there isn’t this much pain and anguish and protesting if there isn’t real, deep-rooted pain that hasn’t gone unaccounted for.”

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