‘1,000-Lb. Sisters’ Preview: Tammy Struggles With Breathing Problems While Walking To Her Mailbox 

Tammy is forced to stop and sit down while walking to her mailbox in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the '1000-Lb. Sisters' season 2 premiere.

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1000-Lb Sisters
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TLC is kicking off the new year with all-new episodes of their fan-favorite shows! Misty comes over to chat with Tammy in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the season 2 premiere of TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters. They talk about Tammy’s sister, Amy, who is expecting her first child. “I’m happy for Amy. She’s always wanted a baby,” Misty admits. “I think it’s going to be really hard on Tammy. Tammy does rely a lot on Amy, that’ll be a lot of the adjustment, and I think more than she realizes.”

Tammy asks Misty to take her package to the mailbox. Misty tells Tammy that she’ll walk with her to the mailbox. Tammy agrees to walk with Misty. “I mean, Misty’s right. I do need to get up and move around a little bit more. I am disappointed in myself for backtracking,” Tammy says.

1000-Lb Sisters
Tammy struggles to walk to her mailbox. (TLC)

Just 4 months ago, Tammy was walking at the grocery store without her walker. She started using it again when her knees began bothering her. Now she can’t walk without it. “I’m unstable on my feet,” Tammy confesses.

She later admits she’s never walked to her mailbox before. While walking to the mailbox, Tammy starts breathing heavily trying to catch her breath. Tammy has to stop walking and Misty takes the package the rest of the way. “I need to sit down,” Tammy tells Misty. Misty rushes to bring Tammy a chair to sit on in the middle of the driveway. “I’m surprised she got so short of breath in such a short space. I’m worried about Tammy’s health. It seems like the older she gets the worse she’s getting,” Misty says.

1000lb Sisters
Amy and Tammy Slaton star in ‘1000-Lb. Sisters.’ (TLC)

Tammy has also moved in next door to Amy and Michael and relies on them for her basic daily needs. Amy worries that with a baby on the way, she won’t have time to care for Tammy, and hopes her sister can learn to become more independent. During quarantine, Tammy’s weight has fluctuated, worrying Amy and her family that Tammy’s recent weight gain means that she has fallen into old habits.

The sisters’ older brother Chris decides to join Tammy on her journey in the hopes of getting approved for weight loss surgery himself and to hold Tammy accountable. They hope they can motivate her to get back on track in order to qualify for weight loss surgery. Meanwhile, Tammy is head over heels for her boyfriend Jerry, who she met in person once last year in Atlanta. Now, he’s agreed to visit her in Kentucky and Tammy hopes this means he’s ready to take the next step.

Season 2 of 1000-Lb. Sisters premieres Jan. 4 at 10 p.m. on TLC. The new season of My 600-Lb. Life premiered Dec. 30 on TLC.