Christmas 2020: What Stores Are Actually Open On The Holiday?

Forget something important on Christmas Day that you NEED immediately? Fret not, these stores are still open on December 25 despite the holiday. Happy last-minute holiday shopping!

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Christmas Presents
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The stockings are un-stuffed, the bellies are full, the umpteenth viewing of Home Alone is proceeding, and the Christmas cheer is flowing. But wait. You realize you didn’t actually buy a present for that special someone, or — god forbid — you’re missing some of the ingredients for your famous gingerbread cookies. So, what now? Don’t go into a full blown panic just yet. Plenty of stores are still open on Christmas Day this year! While the pandemic has caused more stores than usual to shut their doors on the holiday (even Walmart and Target), you’re far from out of luck.

The list below features national chains, but your friendly local bodegas, delis, pharmacies, and mom and pop shops may be open on Christmas Day, as well. Just make sure to check before heading over to snag that last carton of eggnog! And the same goes for these many national picks. While these stores are all open on December 25, their hours may be altered due to the holiday depending upon location. Don’t forget to look at your specific store location’s hours. It’s so much better than being locked out of Rite-Aid in the snow. Not that we know what that’s like, not at all.

Here’s where you can still shop on December 25. Note that your options are mostly supermarkets, pharmacies, and convenience stores, but there’s still tons of stuff available for everyone to enjoy! Hours may vary:

Casey’s General Store
Circle K
Cumberland Farms
Dollar Tree (select locations only, check the store site)
Duane Reade
Family Dollar (select locations only, check the store site)
Giant Food Stores
Love’s Travel Stops
Pilot Flying J.
Travel Centers of America