Iggy Azalea Reveals Why She Only Allows 1% Of People To Use Her Real Name: ‘Protect Your Vibe’

Only a select few people in Iggy Azalea's life refer to her by her real name, Amethyst, and she revealed why while chatting with fans on Twitter.

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Iggy Azalea was given the name Amethyst Amelia Kelly at birth, but there are very few people who she allows to call her that. “Only a VERY select group of people in my life are allowed to call me Amethyst,” Iggy tweeted on Nov. 17. “If I let you call me that you are elite.” In a second tweet, she added, “Like, I gotta KNOW you. Like you know my mama level, you know my deep dark secrets n s***.”

When one fan questioned just how elite Iggy’s inner circle was, the rapper explained, “99% of people in my life call me Iggy and I prefer that except for the 1% that know me that well that it just hits different if they say my real name because it feels cozy.” As the questions continued to pour in, she clarified, “It’s a VERY small number of people who call me by any other name [than Iggy].”

“I feel like names are very personal and I never wanted strangers to be able to use mine when talking s*** and putting weirdo negative energy on it,” Iggy revealed. “Gotta protect your vibe.” Iggy made it clear that she doesn’t mind being called by her stage name at all. In fact, she hates it more when people outside of her “1 percent” of trusted friends and family refer to her as Amethyst.

Iggy has been getting real on Twitter quite a bit lately. Earlier this month, she opened up about how she’s rapidly been shedding weight since giving birth to her son, Onyx, in March. She told her fans that she’s currently 20 pounds less than her pre-baby weight, and asked for input about whether or not anyone else had experienced that.

“Any other moms who can’t stop dropping weight after having a baby?” Iggy tweeted. “Not a brag, genuinely want to hear if you had this happen. I don’t want/try to lose weight but it’s literally just shedding off me, is it hormonal? Should I be concerned?”

If she is concerned, though, Iggy certainly hasn’t been shy about showing off her post-baby body. She’s posted dozens of photos to social media in the months since she gave birth, and fans have definitely taken notice of how great she looks in her sexy outfits. Slay, girl!

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