Saweetie Faces Backlash For Saying Women Should Only Date Men Who Buy Them Birkin Bags

Saweetie set Twitter ablaze on Oct. 23, after she appeared in Quavo's Instagram Live and told women that if your man doesn't buy you a Birkin, then it's time to dump him. FYI, the average Birkin bag retails for 6 figures!

Believe it or not, there’s a heated debate happening right now on Twitter about whether or not women should only date rich men. The fiery argument was sparked by rapper Saweetie, whose presumed playful dating advice went viral on Friday. It all began when she appeared in her boyfriend Quavo‘s Instagram Live to relay the message: “If he not gettin you a Birkin, if he not payin for your bills, then send that n—a back to the streets, OK.”

While the rapper was most likely using a blanket statement that suited her own lifestyle, fans and critics took her advice very seriously. — So much, that Saweetie began trending on Twitter.

“I mean this is ok I guess cause Saweetie said it, she’s a celebrity … with money,” one critic wrote in reply to the video, via The Shade Room. “But ladies, please don’t pull up on Jerome in 7D and ask the same question and expect results. I mean, how can you ask for a Birkin hoppin off the MTA or jumpin out the Uber?”

Another Twitter user agreed, writing, “Saweetie and the rest of y’all’s favs are not in touch with REALITY! They rap about all this ‘how they came from the bottom’ but she’s on live acting ass saying if he can’t afford to cop you a Birkin, you should leave him. Girl do you forget where you came from?”

One critic kept things short and simple: “We’re hungry and poor Saweetie but yes for those Hollywood girls sure…” Then there were those who tried to put a comical spin on the situation. “The wild part about Saweetie saying women shouldn’t date men who can’t buy them Birkin bags is that the majority of Americans make less annually than what many Birkins cost lol,” another Twitter user explained. And, that’s also true.
A Hermès Birkin bag usually retails for six figures. “Brand new Hermès bags, purchased directly from an Hermès store, vary considerably depending on the rarity of their leather and hardware, but general consensus states the price for a new Kelly bag starts at £6,000 and for a new Birkin starts at £7,000,” according to Vogue UK. “However as many customers know, it can be very hard to get hold of an Hermès bag directly from the brand, so many look to second-hand dealers, where prices can start at as little as £2,000 for a Birkin to over £100,000 depending on its rarity and condition.”
Saweetie & Quavo
Saweetie & Quavo at GQ’s Men of the Year Celebration in West Hollywood, CA on December 5, 2019. (Photo credit: AP Images)

Here’s a tweet that sparked a debate within the debate: “I’m really interested in this Saweetie conversation. Should dating rich or someone well off be a requirement? Are you ‘less than’ for not getting flown out?” 

Saweetie’s “back to the streets” reference was a nod to her new single of the same name with Jhené Aiko, which released on October 23. The new track talks all about having a “rich boy,” with Saweetie rapping: “I’m a 5 star b—h with the price tag. Gotta find me somebody that could match that.” And, it’s all true. Saweetie’s love for the finer things in life is well documented on her social media. She’s made it known that Quavo showers her with lavish gifts, such as Birkin bags, diamonds, cars and more.

Birkin bags are the most expensive purse on the market, which is why they’re a hot commodity amongst Hollywood’s elite. Celebrities like Cardi B and Kylie Jenner are well known Birkin lovers, and they’ve even turned their daughters onto the trend!

In July, Cardi revealed the $9,000 pink Birkin bag that she, along with husband Offset, purchased for their daughter Kulture on her second birthday. Back in 2018, Kylie unveiled the $18,000 Birkin bag that she’ll one day pass down to daughter Stormi Webster.

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