‘The Boys’: Cameron Crovetti Admits He Was ‘Super Sad’ About Finale Twist & Reveals His Twin’s Secret Role

Cameron Crovetti, a.k.a. Homelander's son Ryan on 'The Boys,' spoke with HL EXCLUSIVELY about that 'super sad' finale moment and how his twin brother ended up being a part of the show.

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Cameron Crovetti
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The Boys season 2 ended on a shocking and heartbreaking note when Ryan accidentally killed his mom, Becca, while trying to protect her from Nazi supe Stormfront. He used his heat-vision blast to try to get Stormfront away from his mom, but he slit Becca’s throat in the process. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Cameron Crovetti about all things The Boys. “It was super sad to know that her character would be off the show,” Cameron admitted.

In her final moments, Becca made Butcher promise her to make sure Ryan knows this wasn’t his fault and keep him away from his father, Homelander. Butcher sent Ryan away to protect him in the finale’s final moments. Cameron revealed he hopes to return to the show in the future. “I would totally want to come back. I loved working on The Boys. It would be really cool if I got written into the third season, but I have no idea,” he told HollywoodLife.

Cameron Crovetti
Cameron Crovetti with Aya Cash and Shantel VanSanten. (Amazon Studios)

Cameron had a blast working alongside Karl Urban and Antony Starr. “When he’s not working and in the makeup trailer, he’s always playing backgammon,” Cameron noted about Karl. After filming ended, Cameron gave Karl a travel backgammon set and Antony a #1 Dad mug. Even though Homelander is his character’s father, Homelander is not Cameron’s favorite supe. “The Deep is probably my favorite character,” Cameron said. “His character is so funny.”

Cameron has a twin brother, Nicholas, who acts as well. The twins notably played Josh and Max Wright on Big Little Lies. While it was just Cameron playing the role of Ryan in season 2, Cameron and Nicky’s mom explained how Nicky ended up on the show at the last minute.

“When you shoot with kids, obviously, you only get a finite amount of time,” Cameron’s mom said. “They lost the time, and they had to shoot a really important scene, the scene where Cameron falls from the roof. That took a lot of time and they needed somebody. They were going to use Cameron at the bottom and do a two-shot with Cameron at the top of the roof, and then bring him down from the roof and shoot that angle. So the producer runs in the green room to me and goes, ‘He has a twin?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, he has a twin! He auditioned for you guys!’ Cameron and Nicolas audition for the same stuff, and sometimes Nicky will get it over Cameron. It just depends. They’re two different people, two different reads. Cameron ended up getting The Boys.”

Cameron Crovetti
Cameron Crovetti with Antony Starr. (Amazon Studios)

Nicky was asked to basically come in and be Cameron’s double for the scene. Cameron noted that pictures of Nicky were taken “to put into the CGI” of Ryan falling off the roof while he was off shooting another scene. Nicky and Cameron had a blast spending time together during filming.

We had to ask Cameron about that scene from Big Little Lies: when Meryl Streep’s Mary Louise Wright screams in front of Nicole Kidman, Cameron, and Nicholas. The scream went viral, so we got Cameron’s thoughts being in the front row of it all. “It was pretty blood curdling,” Cameron admitted. “It was really loud. Even when the camera wasn’t on her, she would still scream every take. I wasn’t expecting it. I thought it was going to be more quiet. That was my real reaction onscreen. I was not expecting that.”