‘The Masked Singer’: All The Top Clues We Know About The Crocodile’s Identity

The Crocodile is one of 'The Masked Singer' season 4's most talented singers. His identity is still a mystery, but the Crocodile's clues hint that he may be someone very close to Jenny McCarthy!

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The Crocodile
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The Crocodile will be taking the stage once again on Oct. 14 for the Group B playoffs on The Masked Singer. His first performance was an electrifying rendition of Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life.” The celebrity panelists were wowed by the Crocodile’s voice. But who is the Crocodile?

In his first clue package, the Crocodile revealed that he “grew up in Hollywood” and was “surrounded by heartache and insecurity.” Because of that, he was “forced to develop a thick skin.” Right away, some of the celebrity panelists believe he could be a child star. He just wants people to know that he’s a “warm, sensitive creature who just wants to be loved back.”

The Crocodile
The Crocodile with ‘The Masked Singer’ host Nick Cannon after his performance. (FOX)

His clue package also featured a lot of Vegas vibes and an Italian flag. The Crocodile also noted that he’s “happiest in water.” After his performance, the Crocodile revealed that he’s had to have a “tough skin my whole life to survive because I’m really sensitive on the inside.”

Robin Thicke got major boy band vibes from the Crocodile and admitted that he thinks the Croc is Donnie Wahlberg, Jenny McCarthy’s husband! While Jenny has tossed away that guess before, she didn’t this time. Could this be Donnie? The clues are adding up.

The Crocodile
The Crocodile during this second performance in the Group B playoffs. (FOX)

Nicole Scherzinger stayed in boy band territory as well and guessed Nick Lachey. She said the Crocodile talking about his past “heartache” could be referring to his public breakup with Jessica Simpson. While the Crocodile could definitely be Donnie or Nick, some fans on Twitter are thinking the Croc is another boy band member: Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter! One fan tweeted, “My final guess…Nick Carter for the crocodile! #maskedsinger.” Another wrote, “Crocodile is totally Nick Carter!!” The Masked Singer season 4 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.