Tyra Banks Attempts To Teach Drew Barrymore The ‘Art Of Smizing’ With A Mask On – Watch

Tyra Banks gave Drew Barrymore a masterclass in smizing on the actress's new daytime talkshow! Check out the clip where Tyra explains how to 'beam that light' of joy from your eyes.

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Tyra Banks, Drew Barrymore
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If Tyra Banks doesn’t have her own Masterclass package, she might as well have one after this clip! During the September 17 episode of Drew Barrymore‘s new talkshow, The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress and newly-minted host, 45, chatted with the supermodel and Dancing With The Stars host, 46. Tyra began by explaining to Drew that, now with everyone wearing masks due to coronavirus, gauging someone’s facial expression or mood is incredibly difficult.

“They just look, like, evil,” Tyra observed. “And, so, we have to, like, smile with our eyes.” Tyra revealed that she “created smizing, really just about having an intense look and a gaze in a photo. I never thought in a million years that it would mean so much more and come to mean so much more and be so important today with us wearing masks,” she continued. Then, Tyra went into her lesson plan for how to “get the right smize.”

“You have to think of something that delights you.” The former America’s Next Top Model judge and creator then asked Drew what it is in her life that completely delights her. “My daughter’s make me smize,” Drew sweetly said of her girls Frankie, 6, and Olive, 7. “Then I want you to think about your daughters,” Tyra instructed Drew.

Tyra then laid out an entire scene for Drew to imagine, as the talkshow host put on her mask to show Tyra the results of her scene illustration. The DWTS host put together a scene where Frankie and Olive were on a stage and Drew was watching them perform. “You are so proud of them, and you want to beam that light from your being into them. And what happens is your eyes begin to squint, your mouth becomes slightly numb and all of your energy comes up here,” Tyra said, directing the energy flow to her eyes.

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks at the premiere of ‘Life-Size 2’ [AP Images].
“A smize today means, ‘Thank you.’ Or, a smize means, ‘You go first.’ Or a smize means, ‘I’m going to be with you during this difficult time that you are going through right now.'” After years of using the smize on the covers of magazines like Sports Illustrated and more, Tyra introduced the world to the smize on ANTM . Now, it looks like we may need to master the smize as the best way to show a kind gesture to strangers during this unprecedented times. So, mask-up and get your smize on!

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