Broadway Star Orfeh Calls On All Americans To Vote: ‘It’s Not Just A Gift, It’s A Right’

Broadway icon Orfeh spoke to HollywoodLife about the importance of voting and keeping the arts alive during the ongoing pandemic.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of 42West

In the midst of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, when all industries are struggling, the Broadway community has been hit one of the hardest, with the doors of their shows shuttering with no opening in site. Broadway mainstay Orfeh, who has performed as Paulette in Legally Blonde and, most recently, as Kit De Luca in Pretty Woman The Musical, revealed that with the current circumstances, it is more important than ever for all Americans to exercise their right to vote.

Courtesy of 42West

“When you fight for something that you want to have the right to do, and you win that battle, it seems preposterous to me that you wouldn’t then exercise that right,” she told HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “It shouldn’t be a gift, it’s a right. And when I hear that 63% of people don’t show up to the polls, it is insane to me. This is a privilege and it’s something that people fought so hard for, so we need to continue to honor that legacy.”

For stage actors right now, especially, the current political climate and ongoing pandemic has fully disrupted their livelihood. At the same time, many of them have been working the hardest in the last several months, putting on free virtual performances and reunions to just offer entertainment to the down-trodden population. “I guess it’s really soul food as opposed to ‘Look at how fat my bank account is getting,’ because that’s not happening right now. But we’re busy all the time,” Orfeh said of herself and her husband, fellow Broadway actor Andy Karl. “It’s such a shame that arts are still not taken seriously. It breaks my heart, it really does, because it take away all the art and see what you would do with your life. People need it.”

While we don’t know when we will see Orfeh on stage, belting it out again, her social media is a fabulous place to relive some of the most sparkling and fun moments in her career!

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