‘Power’s Method Man: Tasha Will Cause Big ‘Problems’ For Davis In New Spinoff — Watch

Method Man is entering the 'Power' universe as lawyer Davis Maclean. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with actor and rapper Method Man about Davis' moral compass, if he's prepared for all the baggage the St. Patricks have, and more.

Method Man will play Davis Maclean in the Power spinoff Power Book II: Ghost. “He’s brilliant, ethically challenged. He’s smart. He’s a very highly motivated defense attorney with a few secrets of his own. He’s drawn into the St. Patricks’ crazy world of mayhem and drugs, but the only thing he’s addicted to at the end of the day is winning.”

Tariq goes to Davis for help in getting his mother, Tasha, out of prison. Method revealed that once Davis realizes who Tariq is, he sees dollar signs. “Once that bell rings, it’s like, ‘I didn’t hear anything you said, but if you can meet my $500K we can talk,'” the actor said.

Method Man
Method Man stars as Davis Maclean in the ‘Power’ spinoff. (Starz)

Power fans are very aware that Tasha didn’t actually kill Ghost — it was Tariq. Tasha took the fall for her son so he could have a chance at a normal life. The St. Patricks come with their fair share of baggage, and Method noted that Davis is “absolutely not” prepared for the drama. “And as he goes on, he learns more and more about not just Tariq St. Patrick but Tasha St. Patrick as well, and that’s where the problems start.”

Davis will take on Tasha’s case, and their relationship will evolve over the course of the season. “I like to think Tasha and Maclean’s dynamic starts out of course as counsel and client, but then it kind of turns into like an uncle/niece kind of relationship. He’s constantly overwhelmed by this new information that should have been given to him in the beginning. He kind of has to check her every now and then. People are going to be open to see Tasha and her counsel Davis Maclean.

Method Man
Davis and Tasha in court. (Starz)

At first, Davis does not know about Tasha and Tariq’s game-changing secret, but that won’t last long. “He’s very smart so he’ll figure things out pretty quickly and when he does, Lord, look out,” Method said. Power Book II: Ghost will premiere Sept. 6 and continue airing Sundays on Starz.

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