‘Power’ Series Finale Recap: Ghost’s Killer Is Revealed & [Spoiler] Goes To Jail

The first chapter in the 'Power' saga came to an end on Feb. 9. The 'Power' series finale featured the reveal of who shot Ghost, a shocking arrest, and more.

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First and foremost, there’s the reveal of who killed Ghost. Tommy wants Tariq to help him set a trap for Dre. “We can be a family again,” Tommy says. Tariq refuses to get in the way of Dre’s plans to murder Ghost. He’s willing to let his father die. After Tariq ghosts her, it all comes together for Tasha. She realizes that Tariq is going to kill Ghost and races to stop him. Tariq is already at Truth and confronts his father. He pulls out his gun and aims it right at Ghost. He believes it’s time for Ghost to pay for everything he’s done. “Up to now you still don’t even see me for who I really am. I’m you, dad,” Tariq says.

He adds, “You’re in the way of my future.” Ghost tells him that once he does this, he can never go back. Tariq shoots Ghost just as Tasha walks in. She screams as she watches Ghost fall. Naturally, she’s freaking out at what Tariq has done. She’s willing to take the blame for Tariq, who says he’s going to blame Dre since he’s already on his way to kill Ghost.

Tariq goes to get one last look at Ghost and sees Tommy trying to save Ghost. Tommy is about to shoot Tariq but Ghost uses all the energy he has to stop Tommy. Tariq changes his clothes and races outside. When he sees the police and the crowd, he acts like he has no idea about his father.

Earlier, Tommy nearly killed Tasha after she tells him that LaKeisha was talking to the feds and was going to run away with her son. Tasha admits why she killed LaKeisha — she had to protect her family. He points his gun at her head but he can’t kill her. “Your kids deserve better,” he says. “Even if you don’t.”

Tasha and Tariq go with Yaz and Tasha’s mother to the reading of Ghost’s will. Tasha’s expecting to walk away with a lot but it doesn’t turn out well for her. Ghost’s assets are all going to the kids. Raina’s shares are going to Tariq. Tasha inherits nothing. However, there’s a catch with Tariq’s inheritance. All of his money is held in a trust until he graduates from a 4-year university with at least a 3.5 GPA. Tasha is shocked, to say the least.

Tasha ends up framing Q for Ghost’s murder. However, it backfires on her in a major way. He has an alibi. In front of Tariq, Tasha is arrested and takes the fall for her son. She heads to jail, stripped of everything she’s ever known. The post-credits reveal a flashback to a young Ghost, Tommy, and Angela.

The Power saga is far from over. Coming in summer 2020, there’s Power Book II: Ghost, which will focus on Tariq as he starts his next chapter in college. This will be followed by Power Book III: Raising Kanan, Power Book IV: Influence, and Power Book V: Force. The latter two will focus on Tate and Tommy.

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