Chelsea Houska Reveals What Inspired Cole DeBoer’s Shirtless Workouts For 75-Day Fitness Challenge

Cole DeBoer as been thrilling 'Teen Mom 2' fans with his body transformation during his summer fitness challenge. Wife Chelsea Housksa reveals the surprising reason he took on the intense workouts.

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska
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Teen Mom 2 fans have been getting to watch Chelsea Houska‘s hunky husband Cole DeBoer get even hotter than he already is thanks to the 75 Hard fitness challenge. He’s now one day away from completing the mental and physical test on Aug. 28, and thanks to having to take shirtless photos to show his progress, Cole is looking so ripped! Chelsea tells in an EXCLUSIVE interview that she was the one who suggested the challenge, which is based on Andy Frisella‘s book 75 Hard: A Tactical Guide to Winning the War with Yourself.

“He was kind of feeling like he was getting a ‘dad bod’. I saw [the challenge], and I had mentioned it to him and [immediately] he was like, ‘I am starting that on Monday,'” Chelsea explains. “And he did, he jumped all in, and he has been killing it.” Cole began the challenge in mid June and by late July, he did a side by side shirtless photo showing how far he’d come after 39 days into the fitness challenge. Check it out below. In his Aug. 27 Instagram stories, Cole showed how he’s now on day 74, just one day away from completing his mission, and still working out like a fiend.

Chelsea was hoping that she could do the challenge along with her husband, even though she was in the early stages of pregnancy when he began it. She’s currently in her second trimester, after the couple made the announcement on Aug. 5 that they have a baby on the way. “When he started, I was like, ‘Oh, maybe I can do like, a modified version since I’m pregnant,’ but I think I did one day and I was like, ‘Mm, we’ll circle back, we’ll circle back after I give birth,'” she laughed after seeing how grueling it was.

Cole has been working out twice a day in 45 minute sessions with at least one outdoors — through rain, heat or other elements to battle through. He also has been eating a strict diet that includes no alcohol and no cheat days. He’s drinking one gallon of water per day to keep his body hydrated. The plan also has Cole reading 10 pages per day of a non-fiction entrepreneurial book for self-betterment.

The element that fans have got to enjoy the most is seeing how stoked Cole is about feeling so proud of his mental and physical toughness. On July 23 he captioned a side-by-side shirtless photo ” I am in the middle of the #75hard #75hardchallenge and it has been so rewarding in so many ways. Physically I am feeling way more fit, my eating habits and choices have improved 100% and I am feeling better than ever, and my mind and outlook on things and life are so positive and exciting.”

Cole continued, “I am forever grateful for this challenge and beyond determined to get to my full potential and be the best possible person I can be, feeling and looking the healthiest I have ever been.” He then noted how he was “FEELING DANGEROUS,” along with a fist-bump emoji.

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska
Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska smile during a ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion taping. Photo credit: MTV.

Now that Cole is so close to the end of his  75 days of pure toughness, he gushed on his Instagram stories that he couldn’t have achieved the goal without Chelsea. “My wife and my family have been the biggest support of all I couldn’t have done this without them. They’re amazing. I’m very lucky,” he revealed on his way to a pre-dawn workout. We can’t wait for tomorrow when Cole unveils the final results of his 75 day workout challenge. Since at day 39 he was already so ripped, he must look beyond buff now.

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