TikTok Sensation Priscilla Block Reacts To Viral Single ‘Just About Over You’: ‘This Is Just So Crazy’

TikTok's Priscilla Block's latest single 'Just About Over You' shot to the top of the charts after fans crowdfunded for her to record it. She spoke to HL about the incredible feat!

Priscilla Block was discovered on TikTok after her innovative cover of Morgan Wallen‘s “Whiskey Glasses,” and the rest was truly modern day social media stardom history. Block then started to share her own music and attracted the attention of millions when she shared a video singing her original “Just About Over You” a cappella while doing her make up in her bedroom.

“All of the sudden it just went really crazy,” Priscilla recalled in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “Then people were like, ‘How do we get you to release this?’ and then one girl asked if she could crowdfund so I could record it.” The North Carolina native who moved to Nashville six years ago to embark on her dreams of becoming a country music artist was able to get into the studio after her newfound fans raised the money.

Priscilla Block’s single ‘Just About Over You’ went viral overnight. (Victoria Blalock)

“I had this idea for a long time sitting in my phone, and I had brought it up in different writes, but no one really jumped on it,” Priscilla explained of “Just About Over You.” “I think we all go through that time where you think you’re over somebody and it’s a little setback when you see a picture of them or something. It’s kind of my journey of trying to move on from a past relationship.”

She added that she still cries listening to the song. “It’s so real, and everybody’s going through a hard time, whether it’s a friendship or relationship,” she said. “You have to move forward with your life but it’s really freakin hard to do. I think that we were really able to capture that in this song and that’s why people love it so much.”

Another music sensation fresh off of TikTok, Priscilla Block moved to Nashville 6 years ago to pursue her dreams of being a singer. (Victoria Blalock)

Be sure to listen and stream to “Just About Over You” and follow Priscilla Block on TikTok for more!

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