Avenue Beat Admits Posting Viral ‘F2020’ TikTok Was An Impulsive Decision: ‘There Was No Pre-Thought Plan’

Amidst the success of their anthem, 'F2020,' we caught up with the ladies of Avenue Beat about the spontaneity of the song, how it came about, what's coming next and more!

Things are shaping up for Avenue Beat in 2020! The girl group, made up of Sam Backoff, Savana Santos and Sami Bearden, took everyone’s thoughts about the year 2020 and put it into a song called “F2020,” which went viral on TikTok the night that they released it earlier this summer. With lyrics like “low-key f*** 2020” and “I think that I am kinda done, can we just get to 2021,” the song has quickly become an anthem for millions.

“There was no hesitation [about posting it] because we thought it was just going to get, like, 7,000 views like all of our other TikToks did,” the group told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “We were like, ‘Eh, it’s fine. This just needs a place to live. We’ll just throw it up there and it’ll get 20 comments.’ But it did not!” By the next morning, the video had 5 million views on the social media site. Within 48 hours, it was up to 7 million.

avenue beat
The girls of Avenue Beat pose for a photo shoot. (Delaney Royer)

“There wasn’t any pre-thought plan,” Savana admitted. “We didn’t run it by the team. The next morning we woke up and it had millions of views. The comments were rolling in and they just weren’t stopping! We were in our group chat together, like, ‘What is actually happening?!'”

After the success of the TikTok, the girls expanded the song beyond one verse and a chorus, so they were able to officially release it on streaming services. “It all happened really, really fast,” they said. “We wake up not knowing what to expect anymore.” The song has received widespread recognition at this point, with stars like Will Smith, Maren Morris and more showing the ladies love on social media.

avenue beat
Cover art for Avenue Beat’s viral song ‘F2020.’ (Big Machine/Tape Room Records)

Now, the girls are taking in the success of “F2020” and continuing to do what feels right. “It’s amazing to actually have an audience that wants to listen to what we say now,” Savana said. “I don’t think there’s any pressure in terms of us repeating it. If that’s all we et….that’s ok with us!” Sami added, “We just feel this excitement and buzz in us to create for our newfound audience.”

And while there are no set plans in place for what’s to come next, the ladies are hoping that an album is the next logical step. “We have so many songs that are just sitting there from three years of writing that we really love,” they admitted. “We love being able to connect with our new fans. It’s a new experience for us. We love reading DMs from them and getting to talk to them. It’s something that’s been really fun.” The best is yet to come!

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