Kendall Jenner Is Having The Summer We Want In A Bikini Top Watching Fireworks On The Beach

This is truly the summer of Kendall Jenner. The model posted cute bikini photos, and videos of an epic fireworks show on Instagram as she spent a cool night at the beach!

Kendall Jenner is truly living her best life right now. The supermodel, 24, posted photos from her luxurious beach vacation to Instagram on August 19, and it looked like she was having a blast. No, literally; she set off fireworks on the beach and ran away while screaming and laughing, as you can see in her cute videos below.

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For her nighttime jaunt, Kendall rocked an adorable striped bikini top and a pair of white and pink leggings, and served major face in a photo showing off her outfit It’s unclear who’s holding the camera, but we know who would like to be. Her new guy, Devin Booker! The Phoenix Suns point guard, 23, is already “falling for” the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star after just a few dates, a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

Devin believes that things are going in a “positive direction” with Kendall. “He is very excited to see what happens next and is happy that he has tons of time to make things even more serious,” the source told us. But Devin’s “in no rush to change the good fortune hanging out with her has brought him. He is falling for her.”

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner living her best life at the beach with a glass of wine (MEGA)

The feeling is mutual. Kendall totally digs Devin, and their “physical attraction is off the charts,” according to the insider. Plus, they have a ton in common. “The fact that they are both very successful is a genuine trait they like about each other, and they make each other laugh. She also loves that he makes zero of a big deal of the family she is in. He treats her normal and she respects how down to earth he is while being a big name in the NBA.”

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