Ashley & Hunter Biden Pay Tribute To Late Brother Beau At DNC: ‘He’s Very Much Alive In Our Hearts’

Before Ashley and Hunter Biden introduced their father, Joe Biden, as the Democratic nominee at the 2020 DNC, they paid special tribute to their late brother, Beau Biden, who died in 2015.

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Before Joe Biden officially accepted the Democratic nomination for president, his family had something to say. The former vice president was honored with a video featuring his adoring granddaughters, who revealed that they speak to him everyday — and begged him to run for president. Speeches then came from his two children: daughter Ashley Biden, 39, and son Hunter Biden, 50. But before honoring their father, they honored someone dear to them: their brother, Beau Biden.

Beau died of brain cancer in 2015, when he was just 46 years old. He was a military veteran, and an Attorney General of Delaware. Most importantly, he was a beloved brother, son, father, and husband. “Beau isn’t with us any longer, but he is still very much alive in our hearts,” Ashley and Hunter said in their joint address. “And we can still hear his strong voice, just like it was yesterday. In 2008 and 2012, he introduced our dad at those conventions. And if he was here, we’re pretty sure we know what he’d say. The siblings said that they wanted to “give Beau the last word,” playing a clip of his speech from the 2012 DNC.

Ashley Hunter Joe Biden
Joe Biden campaigns with his kids, Ashley and Hunter Biden (AP)

Ashley already made an appearance at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, joining her parents in a special video before her mother, Dr. Jill Biden, gave an extraordinary speech. In the August 18 spot, Joe and Jill spoke about how their family was formed, and how Ashley being born in 1981 “completed” them. They shared photos from Ashley’s childhood (including one incredible pic from her goth phase), after which Ashley chimed in. It was because of her teenage angst that Jill took up running and started competing in marathons.

Ashley, an activist and businesswoman, has campaigned extensively with her father, mostly behind the scenes. She took part in the Wisconsin Women for Biden event prior to the 2020 DNC, in which she discussed the election and encouraged women to vote. “I’m here today because I adore my father, but I also deeply believe he has the character and the vision to lead this country,” she said at the August 7 event. “When I say I’m ready for a Biden presidency, it’s not just because I think my dad is the best person.

Ashley Hunter Joe Biden
Joe Biden disembarks Air Force One with his kids, Ashley, Beau, and Hunter Biden. Beau died in 2015. (AP)

“With my dad as president, he will help us solve some of the great challenges of our generation,” Ashley continued. “And he has the empathy and fortitude to help us address the racial and economic disparities that undermine all communities… Make no mistake, women will decide this election. Women of color will decide this election.”

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