Lady Gaga Wrestles With Ariana Grande After Scratching Her Face During ‘Rain On Me’ Rehearsals: Watch

Lady Gaga shared some glorious footage from the making of the 'Rain On Me' music video and her recent clip features collaborator Ariana Grande shouting that Gaga scratched her eye during rehearsals!

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The music video for “Rain On Me,” the single from Lady Gaga‘s latest album Chromatica, took hours of preparation, and now Mother Monster is showing her legions of fans how it all came together! In an August 6 post to her IG TV, the Grammy-winner, 34, gave fans a glimpse of rehearsals, including one particular practice where Gaga accidentally scratched her collaborator, Ariana Grande!

“I shanked [Ariana] with my nail by accident,” Gaga told a member of her team in the clip, directed by Cycy Sanders. “Lady Gaga scratched my eye,” Ari, 27, said, as she rested on the ground, snapping a photo of the slight mark. “It’s an honor I hope it scars,” the “God Is A Woman” hitmaker continued. Gaga, of course, felt so much remorse and a tinge of embarrassment for the accident, and insisted on getting Ari some Neosporin for her scratch. Unfortunately, getting Ari to apply the healing cream to her face was going to take quite an effort from Gaga!

As the Oscar-winner gingerly walked over to Ariana, the “7 Rings” singer immediately tried to hide her face. “No!” Ariana screamed as Gaga knelt down to add the cream to her scar. “Ari, give me your face,” Gaga said, as Ariana tried to shimmy her way from underneath Gaga. “Listen to your mom,” Gaga told the pop princess, just as Ari escaped her grasp! Eventually, all Gaga could do was just chase Ariana around the rehearsal space — too funny!

But while the silly moment between the two was obviously hilarious, sister-like fun, what predicated the incident was so moving. “What I really want to do in this video, so much, is to celebrate women,” Gaga can be heard saying in voiceover at the start of the clip. And, wow, does she ever! The singer even asked the director of the music video, famed filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, to prompt her prior to saying action, asking her why she wrote the song and more introspective questions to hype the songwriter up for her big dance number.

Despite all the blood, sweat, and tears that clearly went into making the video, it all paid off. Gaga was nominated for a total of nine MTV VMAs, and she couldn’t have been more humbled by the recognition. “I am so grateful and so blessed to have 9 nominations this year for my album Chromatica, for ‘Rain On Me,’ and other performances I’ve given,” she shared in a July 30 IG post.

“This is such a difficult time for people all over the world, I really honor how lucky I am to have a day like today. I hope you all will celebrate yourselves in this moment, everyone should be nominated for an award right now. For bravery, for courage, for the strong human spirit. God bless you and I love you thank you for this gift today.” We cannot wait to see when Ari and Gaga finally perform the song together!

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