Dyllón Burnside Reveals His Struggle With ‘Isolation & Loneliness’ Inspired His Single ‘Silence’

Before quarantine, Dyllón Burnside was working on connecting with himself when he was feeling lonely & isolated. He spoke to HL about how it inspired his latest single, 'Silence.'

Dyllón Burnside released his single “Silence” in mid-July with a message everyone in quarantine could relate to, but it was something he wrote about his own experience back in the winter, before the pandemic. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com, Dyllón revealed his personal struggle with a break-up lead to months of self-isolation and loneliness, when he found himself resorting to “unhealthy” ways of self-soothing.

“I wasn’t able to be with myself, by myself. I found myself reaching out to social media, dating apps and sex as a way to distract myself from the loneliness and the isolation, as opposed to getting to the root of why I was so uncomfortable in this space,” he explained. “I started to work through that and write about it, and ‘Silence’ was born.”

Dyllón Burnside (Tony Forte/MediaPunch /IPX/AP)

Dyllón continued that the song “came about in this moment where I was in my apartment, and I was sitting there — there was nothing on no TV or anything, no music playing, and it was really quiet… I just got really anxious and felt the urge to go on social media and check my DMS or just connect to someone and I realized that what I really needed was to connect to myself.”

The Pose actor has been working on music for the last few years, and admitted “at any day I could just decide to drop the whole thing and be like, ‘Here’s my EP!'” In the meantime, we have “Silence” on repeat and have been enjoying the music video, too.

“I felt like now is the perfect time to release this song because maybe other people are going through this and perhaps it could serve as a reminder to them to figure out how to enjoy their own company and be with themselves in the silence and awaken them to the ways in which they are trying to distract themselves,” Dyllón said.

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