Rob Kardashian Spotted On Romantic Dinner Date With Instagram Model Aileen Gisselle — Watch

Surprise: Rob Kardashian earned a very romantic shout-out on the Instagram Story of Aileen Gisselle, an Instagram model with 252,000 followers!

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Bachelor no more? Rob Kardashian, 33, was seen on the Instagram Story of Instagram model Aileen Gisselle, and it sure didn’t look like a platonic hangout! Aileen filmed a video of Rob at what appeared to be a dinner date on Aug. 3, and even used Instagram’s romantic video filter. You know, the one that showers hearts onto the screen as mood-setting music plays!

Aileen, who is 29 years old according to her Famous Birthdays profile, boasts 252,000 followers on Instagram. She also shares something in common with Rob: being a proud parent! Aileen has a young daughter named Emoniee Gisselle. Seeing Rob seated at a dinner table with a pretty lady shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, based on what we reported in July.

Aileen Gisselle often shares gorgeous bikini photos like the one above, posted on July 17, 2020. (Instagram/@lordgisselle)

“Rob is keeping it very low key but apparently he’s dating someone that he really likes,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife, which we shared on July 25. The insider continued, “He knows as soon as people find out, it will get turned into a huge deal and all this pressure will be added that he doesn’t want, so he’s being very secretive right now. His family is respecting his privacy, as long as he’s happy, they’re happy.”

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We’ve also reported that Rob has been more open to love, an attitude reflective of his new and healthier lifestyle. “Rob is hoping his recent weight loss and being in such good spirits will be a good thing for his dating life. He wants to turn something into a meaningful relationship with someone soon,” another source, who is close to the Kardashian family, EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife (which we shared on July 8). At the time, this source also told us that Rob was a “very eligible bachelor” and that he “has a lot of women interested in him.” So, his relationship with Aileen — whatever it may be — appears to be very fresh!

Rob’s last serious relationship in the public eye was with his ex-fiancée Blac Chyna, 32. They share a three-year-old daughter together, Dream Kardashian, but the parents’ relationship ended in disaster in Dec. 2016 — Rob accused Chyna of leaving his home and taking their daughter with her. They broke off for good after a brief reunion in Jan. 2017.