Ayesha Curry Reveals The Arm Toning Workout She Does To Target Her Most ‘Challenging’ Body Part

Ayesha Curry has been looking better than ever & she revealed to HL EXCLUSIVELY how she maintains her toned figure while stuck in quarantine!

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If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that Ayesha Curry, 31, has been looking more fit and toned than ever. The mother-of-three has been dedicated to her fitness routine and has lost 35 pounds while stuck inside during quarantine. Ayesha recently partnered with Fitbit to launch, “Ayesha Curry’s Premium Summer,” which offers original and exclusive content for Fitbit Premium. Luckily, Ayesha told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, the exact workout routine and diet she does to stay in such great shape. Ayesha revealed her favorite workouts, explaining, “My favorites are cycling on my Peloton, as I can see my stats right in my Fitbit dashboard, and HIIT workouts. Toning my arms has always been a challenge, so I’m always looking for exercises that target that part of my body. One of the Fitbit Premium workouts I created is a favorite of mine that I’ve been doing lately and seeing results from.”

ayesha curry
Ayesha Curry revealed to HL EXCLUSIVELY what workouts & diet she maintains to get her toned figure while stuck in quarantine! (Fitbit)

As for how Ayesha is staying fit for quarantine, she said she’s actually “been doing the opposite of what a lot of people have been doing while sheltering-in-place.” She admitted, “I’m constantly on the road for work, which is a huge disruption to healthy eating or fitness habits. Being home has afforded me the opportunity to hit the reset button on that, and I’ve been taking full advantage.” Getting and staying motivated to workout can be tough, especially since everyone is stuck at home but Ayesha revealed that she started her fitness journey because she “wanted to be strong and healthy for myself and the people who depend on me.” However, she said it was important that she did it her way, “which meant I needed working out to fit in my life, NOT take me away from it.”

She admitted, “I hate the term balance because I don’t think there is any formula that works for everyone, but I do believe that creating time for yourself to exercise is never time wasted. My worst habit (that has been a constant battle) is not getting enough sleep. Sleep is so important to your mental and physical health, but when life gets busy or stressful, I get a touch of insomnia. It’s definitely something I’m conscious of and working towards improving.”

ayesha curry
Ayesha Curry partnered with Fitbit to launch, “Ayesha Curry’s Premium Summer,” which offers original and exclusive workouts. (Fitbit)

One challenge that Ayesha faces is finding time to workout while being a mother. “You have to take the time for yourself when you can fit it in, even if it’s for short periods of time, and isn’t always consistent. Lately, I’ve been getting my workouts in during my son’s afternoon nap. I try to take that time for myself to workout at least five times each week and make sure I am as consistent as possible, but am flexible and forgiving of myself if things shift.” As for how Ayesha makes her fitness routine and being a mother work, she said she has to go off of her son’s napping schedule. “Given my crazy schedule, I fit workouts in when and where I can. I do a combo of cardio and weights, along with HIIT full-body workouts. Especially recently being at home so much, I’ve been working out a lot. Stephen and I have been riding bikes outside together which has been really nice, or try and time our workouts together. Even the kids will get in on the workouts sometimes! It’s kind of like summer camp with Stephen and I both home, so we try and keep the kids active.”

Working out isn’t the only way Ayesha stays fit, as she admitted her diet is super important as well. “Typically, I’ll start with a bulletproof coffee with Ghee and coconut oil, blended. I try to drink 32 ounces of water before noon with cucumbers and lemon; a protein shake and bar, then I’ll work out if I haven’t already.” For lunch, she has avocado or she’ll have “a robust salad with either shaved brussels sprouts or kale for extra nutrients and a protein like chicken or salmon. I’ll either drizzle lime and honey or homemade dressing made with maple syrup, lemon, and EVOO.” For snacks, she sticks with nuts, banana chips, and dried mango slices. However, she also likes a snack that crunches so she’ll opt for carrots and hummus, crispy chickpeas, and kale chips. She also indulges in one “cheat day” a week so that she doesn’t “go crazy.” Ayesha admitted that she actually looks forward to her cheat day all week long, “it’s the best day ever!” As for planning her meals, she usually does it on Sundays, and she spends all day “preparing, shopping, and planning it out. Usually, I’ll pick a theme or cuisine to plan it around.”

As for what we can expect from “Ayesha Curry’s Premium Summer,” she revealed, it’s a series that includes six original workout and recipe videos that will be exclusively in Fitbit Premium. “I’ll share demos for two new, never-before-seen recipes and four short, easy-to-do workout videos that each focus on a different part of your body. The series specifically includes four workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime, and that fit-in with your busy schedule, that are each focused on different parts of the body. It also includes delicious recipes that don’t take too much time and are crowd-pleasers for the whole family.”

Her series was officially made available on July 7 and will be rolling out each week for the next six weeks.