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‘DWTS’ Allison Holker Reveals The Dance Workout Routine You Can Try At Home To Get In Shape This Summer

'DWTS' choreographer, Allison Holker, shared with HL EXCLUSIVELY, the one workout that keeps her & her family in shape this summer!

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It’s no secret that Dancing With the Stars choreographer, Allison Holker, 32, is in amazing shape and the mother-of-three shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how she manages to stay in such great shape while stuck at home due to the quarantine. Allison and her husband, Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, who is also a dancer, love to workout with their entire family which includes their three adorable kids. Together, Allison and Stephen created the “Boss Family Workout” which involves dancing to fun music to get your blood flowing while shedding pounds. Explaining how the workout came about, Allison explained that she and her husband at the beginning of quarantine almost four months ago realized they had to come up with a way to stay in shape that’s also fun and exciting. “Each day we asked each other, ‘Okay, what are we going to do to keep ourselves motivated?’ So we decided together that we were going to start with what’s called ‘Boss Family Workout’ because it just worked really well with our schedules.”

The workout is a group of dances that she and her husband do for 30 minutes via Instagram and Allison gushed, “It is literally the most fun that we have right now – we have such a blast. We have a good killer playlist of music and by the end of our workouts on both of our accounts, we have at least eight to 10,000 people that have tuned in with us.” She encourages everyone to try it, as it is completely free and super fun for the whole family.

Allison explained that the workout class is basically as if “you’ve ever wanted to go to a party, a dance party or a wedding and you’re the person that wants to dance but you feel like you don’t know what to do. That’s literally all it is – it’s social dancing, to get a workout in with the community, which is people who do the workout live.” The best part is, you don’t have to be a professional dancer, you don’t need any experience at all, and you can be any age and still join in on the fun. Allison has been doing these workouts for the past four months straight – every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and anyone can partake. Not only does Allison do dance workouts, but she also started the “Backyard Beach Obstacle Course” which she does on Instagram. The obstacle courses are fun ways to get your entire family fit.

allison holker
‘DWTS’ choreographer, Allison Holker, shared with HL EXCLUSIVELY, the one workout that keeps her & her family in shape! (Phamous / BACKGRID)

The whole purpose of the workout was not to just lose weight, but Allison explained, it was to encourage families to get outside, dance a little bit, and do a workout. While you can do the workout inside or outside, Allison prefers outside because you can get fresh air, but she made sure to mention that it’s important to protect yourself from the sun while outside. Allison recently partnered with Banana Boat as part of their #ProtectTheFun initiative and she urges everyone to get outside and get moving while protecting their skin with sunscreen, which is absolutely essential. She especially loves the Banana Boat Ultra Sport lotion and spray because they’re waterproof so it’s perfect if you’re sweating or you’re taking a dip in the pool.

Allison shared that doing things as a family and spending as much of the day as possible being outside and being active, is her “saving grace” right now since we’re all cooped up in quarantine. “Soaking in the energy of the outdoors, trying to stay active, and keeping my mind busy – that is my healer right there.”

“It seems like a no brainer for all of us to come together and just promote this on a hopefully bigger and broader scale to get more people to do it with us. You know, everyone’s kind of going through a rough time now but this workout is bringing love and joy to staying active. So, that’s really what we want to encourage other people to do and so we’re going to do our best.”

Aside from working out, Allison makes sure she follows a healthy diet, explaining, “I really do believe that for your body, you can’t just work out without also eating healthy, so I myself eat more of a veggie diet. For the most part, I eat only vegetables and fruits and I drink a lot of water. I think for my body that is really the best fuel for me – I sleep better at night and I feel like my skin looks better because of eating vegetables and not eating meat.