‘Marriage Boot Camp’: An Explosive Fight Breaks Out After A Dance Exercise Turns Sexual

Yikes! Jealousy struck when the stars of 'Marriage Boot Camp' broke out their sexiest dance moves during the July 16 episode.

Feelings of jealousy were tested during the July 16 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, when Dr. Ish presented the housemates with a steamy dance exercise. At first, everyone was laughing and giggling, and enjoying themselves because they were learning a choreographed dance that made it look like they were having sex.

However, those smiles quickly turned upside down when Dr. Ish stepped in and decided to switch up everyone’s partners. For example, Willie got teamed up with Hazel-E, and she’s a natural performer, so her dance moves were pretty scandalous, and her boyfriend, De’Von, didn’t like it.

Shonda didn’t like it either. “Lawd, I see Hazel paired up with Willie. She was being freaking extra,” Shonda said. Basically, everyone felt “super awkward”, and De’Von got heated over it all.

“I’m not feeling this dude, Willie,” De’Von said. “Willie’s a cheater. I read body language and energy very well. I don’t want anybody touching my girl. That’s my future wife.”

Back inside the house, tensions were at an all-time high. And when De’Von and Willie came face-to-face, a massive fight broke out. It started when De’Von started arguing with Shonda about her needing to watch how her man acts around his girlfriend. She said he should actually be watching his own girlfriend, Hazel-E since she was being the most sexual out of everyone.

De’Von got loud and as soon as he started approaching Shonda and told her to keep quiet, Willie stepped in and fists started flying. Security immediately intervened, and both men had to be separated from each other.

At the end of the episode, Judge Lynn Toler intervened and went hard on everyone for their behavior. Especially De’Von and Willie, who — like many other black men that she’s sent to prison — too often let their emotions and ego get the best of them. So she had to lay down the hammer. She even shed a few tears while doing so (watch the video above).

Want more drama? New episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition air Thursdays at 9pm on WE tv.

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